back to article Oscars backer Samsung can't catch a break: Host Ellen snaps stars on iOS

High fives all round, no doubt, at Oscars sponsor Samsung after the awards-night host Ellen Degeneres repeatedly mentioned the chaebol on stage and used a Galaxy S5 during the show to tweet the world's most popular selfie. But The Reg wonders how the South Korean electronics giant reacted when it realized the comedian was …


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  1. ben edwards

    It seems utterly insane that just giving a check to an organization voluntarily - for advertising - allows a vendor to dictate what happens front and backstage.

    Of course, I also think it's bloody stupid that a vendor can buy the naming rights to an arena they had no hand in building. Like the HP's Pavillion in San Jose or Oracle's arena.

    1. SuccessCase

      I can't see that it is any different from astroturfing, which is widely accepted as immoral. Just because in one case support is being purchased below the table and represented as the real deal, and as a commercial event sponsor, support is still being purchase but the transaction is made above the table, doesn't make it any more right; Still for both cases the "sponsor" doesn't want the end-user to know about the false nature of the "endorsement".

      Over the years Samsung have shown themselves to be perfectly prepared to Astroturf and adopt strong arm sponsorship tactics. They have no shame, or class. But then what to expect of a company which at the same time as it is showing ads taking the piss out of Apple Fanboi launch day queues, sends out crews to film the events in a sad attempt to work out how they manage it. Hint to Samsung, if you find yourself wanting to buy a book "how to be cool" that should be your signal you should save yourself the money. Just stick with the ad agency who came up with the idea of taking the piss out of the Apple queues, be yourself and resist your inner envies and you will fare far better.

      1. Tachikoma

        But then what to expect of a company which...

        Dude, you're a barista...

        1. SuccessCase

          In the voice of Alan Rickman:

          "I'm an exceptional Barista Mr Tachicoma.

          Now where's your corporate headquarters, I'm going to take down your office building."

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It seems utterly insane that just giving a check to an organization voluntarily - for advertising - allows a vendor to dictate what happens front and backstage.

      Depends on what the contract says. If you're so keen to accept cash that you accept insane conditions you oonly have yourself to blame.

  2. Herby Silver badge

    Selfie of the phone itself??

    Maybe that is what is needed. Perhaps a mirror.

    Oh, well, just another grainy picture with useless information.

    As noted in an early college class: The value of the information is INVERSELY proportional to its probability of happening. So if something is in the "so what" category it doesn't have much information.

  3. crediblywitless

    The famous one wasn't taken by Ellen Degeneres, it was taken by Bradley Cooper.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    See title...

  5. Financegozu

    Maybe she couldn't get the fingerprint sensor working?

    'nuff said ;-))

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I would rather this article just had a you tube vid of that water skiing squirrel. That's usually the crap that gets put up when there's no other news to report

  7. Peter 48

    don't see the issue

    If I was a user of Phone X and was given a Phone Y by the sponsor I would still end up using Phone X for all personal exchanges, calls tweets etc as it has all my account logins, details, contacts, photos etc. Not a big deal really.

  8. Stretch


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