back to article Tasmanian Liberals fear NBN policy will kill their election hopes

Four weeks out from an election in the Australian state of Tasmania, the leader of the opposition Liberal party leader Will Hodgman has staged a “gaffe” by telling a colleague the issue of the National Broadband Network (NBN) could cost his party the election in front of TV cameras. While getting ready for a press conference …


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  1. Martin Budden

    Already using poles

    I was in Hobart a few weeks ago and while I was there NBN was installed to the house I was staying in. The new box on the side of the house was connected to a power pole in the street.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Already using poles

      NBN is an interesting can of worms. On poles in some areas, as part of the origional development.

      In ducts in others. You end up with a battery backed up box in the home with 4 ports on it. You can have mutiple isp endpoints at a premise. Its layer 2 ethernet, so no PPPoE.

      A house that is connected signs up for a 12Mb service typically. No 20MB adsl, but service runs consistently at that speed. They need to connect their phone to a voip service. Telstra is still comming to terms with that bundle of joy :-) ( hint: if you want to lock the system down and provision it nationally from a central location, be more careful with your updates)

      Complaints about the fibre being visible in some areas, so its easily to cut affecting security systems. Complaints that you cant actually get security systems that are combatible with the thing.

      Disconnecting the copper from areas where the NBN has been deployed.

      I'm in an suburb where fibre is to be deployed, but as of the updated maps. the suburb will now be 1/2 covered with fibre, and the coverage looks pretty random and patchy....

      Most of the people I have talked to with the NBN were like, you know it took a lot of comming and goings to get it in. They had to visit so many times.

      A lot of money is being spent on the NBN, and I suspect most of it isn't ending up in the pockets of the bods on the ground dealing with the crap. No one seems to really know whats going on. Popcorn time, oh hey I can't afford popcorn? Where did all the money, and businesses go?

      The last 6 years of farcical government!

  2. Player_16

    Lala Gidding knows...

    ...Abbot hates fibre-to-the-home. In fact, he actually hates the whole thing and she knows it and her constant ‘broken promise’ is just sounds of panic and clutching at fibrous straws. Sure he’s committed to roll it out -to those ‘frou-frou’ neighbourhoods- but not all at once!

    Fibre-to-the-home, too expensive and no choice. I’ll take the node but either way, it won’t be here for another 2 years -and I live in a nearby suburb of Hobart.

    1. Urh

      Re: Lala Gidding knows...

      Abbott only hates FTTP because Rupert told him to hate it. Murdoch must have been filling his trousers at the prospect of what a ubiquitous FTTP network would have done to his precious pay TV monopoly.

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