back to article Toshiba twirls its HAMR, ponders whether to smash spinning rust

Toshiba shipped 22.7 million disk drives in the last calendar 2013, with numbers bulked up by its acquisition of HGST assets in 2012. But where is it going with its disk tech? WD shipped 63.1 million spinning rust platters in the same period and Seagate managed 53.8 million. Tosh's drive type number splits were:- Enterprise …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    What about Bit Patterned Media?

  2. FartingHippo

    "Enterprise (SAS and nearline SAS) at 1.44"

    Good to see the number 1.44 making a reappearance in the disk world.

    *wipes nostalgic tear from eye*

  3. Rol Silver badge

    Has anyone got some insight into..

    when prices will start to come down in either the HDD or SSD market?

    I appreciate no new HDD production lines will be coming online, other than those being re-jigged to accommodate new advances, but neither can I see a swathe of chip fabs rushing to flood the market with cheap SSD's.

    Have they formed a cartel to ensure supply doesn't overstep demand at a price point of their choosing?

    or is it that cloud providers are keeping demand high?

    Just a bit cheesed off to see storage costs are still above pre flood prices.

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: Has anyone got some insight into..

      In case you hadn't noticed prices in the consumer SSD market have fallen recently

      For example the Crucial 960Gb 2.5in SSD was £450 approx. Now you can get it for around £350.

      I guess you are looking for it to tumble to £30 or thereabouts for a 1TB device.

      1. Rol Silver badge

        Re: Has anyone got some insight into..

        Sub £100 would be nice, for SSD's, but yes £30 for a 1TB HDD would work for me.

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