back to article Sandisk's future is far from ULLtraDIMM: Diablo tie-up holds promise

SanDisk has an excellent chance of making it as an enterprise flash storage supply because it’s pursuing a SMART strategy that is (wait for it, wait for it) ULL-tra bright. What it’s managed to do is corner an area of the server application acceleration market that looks to be brand new and full of potential. And it’s done it …


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  1. Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge
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    Yes Chris.. dumb... :-P

    Just kidding.

    The interesting thing is that there doesn't appear to be anyone flogging the kit, outside of a couple of distributors in channel.

    What would be interesting is how the computer sees this... is it massive amounts of memory or as linux device?

    Also pricing would be nice.

    Imagine a full size ATX w 8+ slots for memory. You don't really need more than 64GB of RAM so the other open slots. (Some superMicro have 16 slots??? if memory serves...) So you can put this in the slots to get a couple of TBs?

  2. Levente Szileszky

    Diablo's IP is impressive...

    ...and from what I've seen at the announcement party IBM is banking the whole server & storage house on their new exFlash-enabled X6-line and FlashSystem 840 (ex-TMS-line) boxes (latter sports some impressive 8GB/s per box bandwidth, yummy) so I guess as long as SanDisk remains the sole supplier they will indeed be growing very fast.

    The dark horse, of course and I think this is the answer what competitors will do, is which disruptive startup will crash this party and become part of a competing giant company as a result eg Skyera, funded by Dell's VC arm, or Tegile (SanDisk, WD etc) or someone else...? They all have seemingly deep-pocketed backers who are all waiting for the buyout offers to arrive, as soon as their products reach maturity...

  3. gssmith

    Why do you speculate Netlist will get licensing revenue?

    If Sandisk is vigorously denying? This will be interesting to see develop.

    1. Levente Szileszky

      Re: Why do you speculate Netlist will get licensing revenue?

      He wrote it as a worst-case scenario, pointing out it still wouldn't change the positive outlook.

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