back to article IBM renews attempts to offload server biz: report

IBM is trying to offload its “low-end” server business, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Journal's report suggests Dell hasn't turned up its nose in disgust at the idea of buying Big Blue's server unit and that Lenovo could also be sniffing around. IBM's motivation for selling off low end servers is not clear, nor is …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mr. X (Series)

    For sure the "boring" tower servers and rack servers (1U/2U) are for sale.

    But would anyone buy those from IBM without the blades and more sophisticated form factors?

    The tower and rack servers alone are commodity and even Lenovo has got similar form factors on their catalogue. So to sell off the server division without the blades and high density servers would not be an interesting deal for any prospective buyer.

    But since blades also come in P-series flavours (i.e. with Power processors), and no one in his right mind would buy that business from IBM, is there really any option for IBM to sell off the server unit without hurting its fundamental business?

    I think we'll continue to see IBM bleed $ on their server divisions for some time.

  2. PeterM42


    " ......and possess no immediately apparent competitive differentiation".

    As I recall, the terms "EXPENSIVE" and "CRAP" were the differentiation.

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