back to article Shambolic search for new head of EU privacy watchdog halted

A seven-month long search for a new European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has ended chaotically, after five candidates who were shortlisted for the job failed to meet Brussels' strict criteria, The Register has learned. It means that the posts that are currently held by Peter Hustinx and his deputy Giovanni Buttarelli …


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  1. El Presidente

    European Data Protection Supervisor?

    Edward Snowden and Julian Asange™ Ought to jobshare.

  2. Emmett Jenner

    Abolish the EU would be easier and cheaper.

    1. incloud

      Re: Abolish the EU

      Yes, we could bring back trade barriers and continental war. While we are at it we should restore feudalism and the divine right of kings.

      1. Apriori

        Re: Abolish the EU

        Or alternatively we could restore democracy, accountability, the rule of law and a legal system which does not assume guilt and where governments are subservient to peoples, and where countries can freely negotiate terms of trade with any country they choose, maybe even stop turning the seas into deserts and making large payments to various Mafias.

      2. This post has been deleted by a moderator

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