back to article Bosch launches obligatory Internet of Things push

Bosch is the latest of the industrial majors to get on the Internet of Things bandwagon, setting up a new division to focus on devices, software, and expertise to consolidate its sensor-based applications. Announced at CES (where else at this time of year?), the division will initially focus on sensors in home automation, …


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  1. Mark 85 Silver badge
    Big Brother

    I guess everyone wants to own us

    First I read about Wolfram and now Bosch. Unlike Farcebook or Google, we don't have to sign up or even own a computer for someone want to own us. Sheesh... are we all that interesting to these guys?

  2. Schultz

    IoT = connecting sensors

    In the case of Bosch the Internet of things is probably about connecting sensors. There will be more and more sensors around and whoever defines the standards of making them talk to one another / the controller has a lot of clout.

    Let's hope it'll be as easy as the classic i2c communication.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: IoT = connecting sensors

      Then Apple will patent a temperture sensor with rounded corners and all Bosche's standards temperature sensing patents will be worthless.

  3. Captain Scarlet Silver badge
    Paris Hilton


    Why do I have the feeling if I buy a new drill it will start demanding you need to apply updates to continue.

  4. deadlockvictim Silver badge

    Social Media

    Bosch are doing it wrong. Instead of making it compulsory, Bosch should offer the ability for your drill to automatically post to Facebook et al. to say how great your drill and your drilling is — along with all of the relevant data. The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation does come to mind here.

    With this new feature, people will want to use their drill all of the time.

  5. Scott Broukell

    Might have its uses

    If then the washing machine could alert me to the fact that I have, ONE AGAIN, put my deep russet colored corduroys in the wash together with my wife's delicate white undies, then such technology could save me a lot of hassle. Although, since world and dog are pretty unlikely, one would very much hope, to notice the finer details of my wife's newly brown-rust-coloured undergarments, the operative word being 'under' garments, I can't ever see what all the fuss is about. In fact I would go so far as to say that one such pronounced benefit of such a camouflage technique is the visible diminution of the skid marks on my own undies, ah well.

  6. All names Taken
    Paris Hilton

    Ah, good - here are the Germans.

    IoT (I prefer IoM as it is Internet of Means, Internet of Methods and dwells well with Isle of Man (brrm, brrm, brrm BMW and all that)

    Now things are looking very positive with US influence and economy under a cloud (no not that cloud) the Germanic creativity on these things might just put Europe on the map again?

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