back to article Chocolate Factory plans Oz Loon trials: reports

Reports are emerging that Google is pressing ahead with its Project Loon, and has approached Australian carriers to test the balloon-based-broadband idea in Tasmania. According to The Australian, the Chocolate Factory has woken up to the regulatory challenges it's likely to face in accessing the spectrum it needs to beam its …


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  1. Gray Ham

    The phrase "roaring forties" somehow springs to mind here ... though, I suppose if you can control a weather ballon over Tasmania, you can do it anywhere.

    1. Bsquared

      There's a market, I'll tell you that

      Interesting. I live in Tas, and am fortunate enough to be close enough to an ADSL2+ exchange to get reasonable broadband. But if you are unlucky enough to live just a few km outside a major conurbation, you are SOL. Many parts of Tas are still very rural indeed, even surprisingly close to town.

  2. Doogie Howser MD

    Just me, or..?

    Did anyone else read the headline and think it was some IT project centred around crazy people. Where I work, we just call those "projects".

This topic is closed for new posts.

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