back to article Xyratex being bought by Seagate in $374m Xmas splurge

Christmas has come early for some: Seagate is aiming to buy HDD test equipment and HPC array maker Xyratex for $374 million in cash. The offer is $13.25 for each Xyratex share, which is 27 per cent higher than last Friday's closing Xyratex share price. There is a definitive agreement between Seagate and Xyratex to do the deal …


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  1. Anomalous Cowturd

    Xyratex. Hmmm...

    Had some experience of their Mobile Data Terminals in the late 90s early 00s. Mostly reliable, pretty basic pieces of kit. Pretty much worked as expected. About the only regular failure was cable breakdown for the visor mounted VGA screens...

    Vodafone Paknet radio pads to talk to them were a whole different ball game.

    No idea about the new kit.

  2. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Hmmm indeed

    I have 4 of their F5404 disk arrays.

    These come from the same IBM research team as Nexsan's arrays - except they're far more crappily implemented. Nexsan clearly got the A team. Unlike Nexsan, Xyratex's staff run and hide when asked "difficult" questions.

    Given my experience with Xyratex (and that they make HDD test gearplus other components) it's no surprised that given they're the last player in that field, hard drive reliability is so pants.

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