back to article AWS imposes national borders on Cloudland

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has drawn up borders within its cloud with a new 'Geostriction' feature for its CloudFront service. CloudFront is AWS' content distribution offering and speeds downloads for all manner of media, often by locating it closer to users. AWS can now ensure that only the users you want – or at least those …


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    Everytime I read about georestrictions....

    I shed a tear.

    Seriously, people have no choice as to where they're born. Why are they denied off content just because they're born in a country that someone doesn't like for whatever reason? It's not their fault they're born in the wrong place.

    1. LarsG

      Re: Everytime I read about georestrictions....

      I laugh out loud.

      Those that want to get at it will, permission or no permission.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Everytime I read about georestrictions....

        That's really insensitve, You have no idea how much it hurts to live in those countries, let alone use internet freely or do whatever the fuck you do with your internet.

  2. corestore

    Why does everyone want to break the internet?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wake me up when...

    .. they implement geostructures on the backend, with data covered by national jurisdictions. Having data in country X safe from country Y is very much needed.

  4. Andy 66

    We all know IP geolaction is bullet proof

    A couple of years ago I moved ISP to OVH and was given an IP that geolocated on all databases to Russia. OVH replied the block was formerly Russian and they'd work to resolve the problem, but it still took 18 months to remove...

    A good example of geofencing fail.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yea, geo location *always* works

    My company uses a proxy for all its European operations. So, even though I am UK based, the world thinks I'm in Poland.

    I moved house and tried to look at prices for 3G dongles so I could get internet at home while waiting for my ISP to get their finger out.

    O2's website flat out refused to let me in due to its geolocation nonsense. A problem they have since fixed (ie removed the geolocation)

  6. phil dude

    the world is flat...

    my arse.

    Divide and conquer/rule, if it is not the government it is corporations.

    The only difference is we vote for one with worthless bits of paper, and the other with money....


  7. dssf

    It's shit like this that renders this planet to what I call "Galactic Comedy Central Pit Stop" for any advanced lifemforms that may have settled here or dropped by. This is probably an ET anthropologist's DREAM world. Probalbly any species that stumbles upon or hears about the place probably instantly signs a no-earth-battlefield pact just to keep this place alive, possibly for comic relief, or to exa ine angles on how their long ago ancestors conducted life, segregating, marginalizing, and classifying peaple as worthy and unworthy of products, services, rigts, protections, opportunities, and more.

    This kind of stuff makes us, aliens present or not, look like, well, a joke.

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