back to article Meet the cluster teams: Mass Chowdah and Tennessee Volunteers

Here's our first look at the final two teams who competed in the Standard (Big Iron) Track at the SC13 Student Cluster Competition in Denver. Mass Green (“Team Chowdah”) has competed in two previous SC cluster competitions (Seattle in 2011 and Salt Lake in 2012). It’s a competitive team, but one that hasn’t quite been able to …


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  1. Don Jefe
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    UTK ('K' is for Knoxville) is where I did my undergraduate studies. Good school, great town. It also made my transition to ORNL easy as it's all in a fairly small area and everybody knows everybody. Those were good times.

    Just thought I would share. It isn't very often you hear about the school (or even Tennessee), ORNL or any of the other science and tech goings on in that little corner of the world.

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