back to article Fake X-rated Facebook scam vids of Selena Gomez: Man sued

Facebook is suing a man accused of flooding the social network with spam posts and fake applications. The website's bosses filed suit this week in a California District Court against a one Christopher Peter Tarquini, of Malton, New Jersey. He is accused of being the brains behind a string of spam campaigns that plagued the …


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  1. thosrtanner

    Why, whenever I see 'free-content' in an article about facebook, do I always read it as 'content-free'?

  2. Khaptain Silver badge

    Faceslaps all round

    Will they also give a quick round of faceslaps to all if those that are stupid enough to click on the damned links...

  3. Gordon Pryra

    he is accused of accessing user data without permission

    Facebook should not allow advertisers to access user data without explicit permission from that user.

    Good luck suing him for your shit system designed to confuse users into allowing "world + dog" into their private details.

  4. Graham Marsden

    How dare he...!

    ... Doesn't he know that spamming everyone with crap is *our* job!

    Of course maybe if we changed it so that users had the choice of whether a page can get access to their friends list, likes and shoe size rather than just saying "if you want to look at this, you've got to give us access to all your data..."

    Nah, that's crazy talk.

  5. wikkity

    scammers earn some $200m

    Thats more than facebook then

  6. Sparks 727

    "As such, Facebook is now seeking to recoup not only the funds Tarquini made from the alleged advertising scam" But did he have it hidden in his terms and conditions, kettle calling pot black.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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