back to article VMware sucks more customers into its virtual orbit

VMware's third quarter earnings for 2013 comfortably beat analysts' estimates, driving the virty company's share price up, though there is little evidence of major spending on the company's attempt at building an Amazon-whipping cloud. Just last quarter, the company had suffered from sludgy license revenue growth but trousered …


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  1. M. B.

    You drop...

    ...ridiculous vRAM licensing, I'm inclined to buy more licenses. With support.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The only headwind this hack can see for VMware is the growth of clouds running on homebrew Xen hypervisors (Amazon), or an increasing decision by companies to use Sun Containers–esque technology like current flavor-of-the-month Docker instead of more typical virtualization approaches, but the threat these shifts pose is miniscule for now"

    You need to turn your golden retriever around and have a better look - The largest headwind for VMware is clearly Microsoft and it's rapidly growing market share with Hyper-V and Azure....

  3. El Limerino

    Vmw has said it is leasing DC space, so its capex will be for gear. No idea where you get the $200m figure - can build a large single purpose DC for 10-20% of that depending on location. Then, if I was smart, I would buy gear as I needed it to fill the DC.

    And it's been 6 weeks or so since the service became fully available, so clearly the fact it isn't he size of AWS by now means it is a failure.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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