back to article Twitter hires Google ad exec: Microblogging? We've heard of it

Twitter has poached a Google ad exec to be its head of retail, as it expands its business in preparation for its IPO. JJ Hirschle used to direct media and entertainment advertising for the Chocolate Factory, but will now sell ads to retail companies for Twitter, Bloomberg reported. As is typical of a company about to go …


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  1. Khaptain Silver badge

    How many ads can be sold globally.....

    >but will now sell ads to retail companies

    Something I have never understood : The Social Media sites et al require Ads in order to be profitable but how can there be an infinite number of Ad paying companies.

    Will people who advertise in twitter stop advertising in Google or Facebook ? Or do these same companies have infinite advertising budgets.

    Sometimes I am under the illusion that there is an endless pile of cash for advertising and yet internal budgets are being capped with lower and lower limits. Where the f***k is all Ad the money coming from ?


    1. ItsNotMe

      Re: How many ads can be sold globally.....

      What I would like to know is just who clicks on these ads in the first place?

      I refuse to use ANY of these lame social networking sites, so I have never seen their ads, but the ads that do appear in the few applications I have on my smartphone are totally ignored by moi. Never, ever clicked on one yet, and will never do so.

      1. Khaptain Silver badge

        Re: How many ads can be sold globally.....

        I don't know if the clicks are really important, I was always of the understanding that the constant presence of the ads was the "subliminal" factor that pushed us towards product A rather than product B.

        I have never ever intentionally clicked on any either but I have noteiced that the ads often portray material that I have recently bought not what I intend to buy. Especially with things that I have bought or searched on Amazon.

        I spend too much time researching the up, downs, advantages and problems with any item before I buy them anyway, so the publicity doesn't really have any effect.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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