back to article Jawohl! Vodafone gets nod for £6.5bn Kabel Deutschland slurp

Vodafone now owns just over three quarters of Kabel Deutschland, following a shareholder meeting which approved the British operator's takeover of the German telco, creating a one-stop-shop for continental consumers. The buyout, which cost Vodafone £6.5bn, was announced back in June but has been awaiting shareholder approval …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Vodafone-Panafon 2005

    That reminds me, maybe we should take time to re-investigate the Vodafone Panafon hack of 2005. Where their phone network was hacked by 'someone' and high ranking Greece officials spied on. Given the Belgacom hack it may be worth re-investigating it. And also the 'suicide' of the Vodafone man.

  2. Charlie Clark Silver badge


    the German market is highly competitive...

    Which particular market do you have in mind? Mobile, fixed line, internet, or (cable) television? They are different things with differing degrees of competitiveness. Cable is most certainly not the most competitive with the country essentially carved up among the different operators and many people more or less obliged to pay the connection fee (€ 18 per month) once they house has been passed. This gives cable network owners quite an advantage when offering service bundles.

    1. aBloke FromEarth

      Re: ahem

      This is true: it's not competitive: here in the state of Baden-Württemberg I can only get KabelBW, and not Kabel Deutschland. Oh, and contracts are usually a minimum of two years.

      Certainly the mobile networks are competitive, but until we can up sticks and change to whichever provider we want it's pretty much a regionalised monopoly

  3. big_D Silver badge

    We have KD in our street, but my wife wouldn't touch them with a 10' barge pole.

    On the other hand, many of my colleagues rave over them, as they have introduced 100mbps in Quakenbrück. I'm on Osnatel, so limited to 50mbps at the moment, but that is more than enough for my needs - better than Telekom, which offered my 3mbps, when I said that Osnatel could give me 50, they upped their offer to a satellite subscription! #fail

    Since I've been here (11 years), I've only had freeview satellite and I can't say I miss the paid channels from my old Sky UK subscription.

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