back to article BlackBerry's AD BLITZ: Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

BlackBerry is taking out full-page adverts in 30 newspapers across nine countries - to reassure everyone that it hasn't flatlined, not yet anyway. "You've no doubt seen the headlines about BlackBerry," read the ads, which will run from Tuesday. "You're probably wondering what they mean for you as one of the tens of millions of …


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  1. Paul J Turner


    a few article headlines have been changed, usually dumbing them down, such as removing the Mark Twain reference in this article. How do I set preferences to say I'd like the smarter ones?

    1. TheVogon Silver badge

      Re: Recently

      These adverts smell of rotting corpse....

      Nokiasoft will clean up in this space imo.

  2. Frostbite

    BES10 woes

    I can edit everybodys email signature on my BES4 and BES5 servers.

    Can I do that on BES10? Can I? Can I?

    No, I have to pray its going to be a future feature. Come on RIM, pull your bloody finger out of your ****

    this is only one example of many annoyances with the new platform.


  3. btrower

    Could be a very bad sign

    Ouch. If this was a set of advertisements insisting that the dollar was *not* going to be devalued, you could bet your portfolio that devaluation was imminent. Similarly, if it was an announcement that there was plenty of liquidity and people should *not* pull their savings out of the bank, that is the time to *run* down to the bank and get in line.

    It is puzzling that management would have blessed this.

    1. Levente Szileszky

      Re: Could be a very bad sign

      I'm puzzled why would you be puzzled at all - they have NOTHING to lose at this point, sitting silently would do more damage than admitting the obvious, that they need to reinvent the way they do business. It's PR101, you just weigh more scenarios and you can clearly see this was the way to go (though they should've done it months ago but we already knew TH et al are truly incompetent fuckups when it comes to public relations.)

  4. Captain DaFt

    Ah, Christmas is coming!

    Looks like they're fattening the goose to sell it!

    (Ads push market awareness, making acquisition more profitable.)

  5. James 51 Silver badge

    I'd love a Z30 or even a Z10 model with usb to go.

    1. Levente Szileszky

      It's called USB on-the-go (USB OTG) and Z30 supports it already, all you need is a cable:

  6. Shagbag

    These are not the droids you're looking for.

    BB is not failing? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that BB is a dying platform.

  7. Rosie Davies

    Personally speaking, I feel it would be a great shame if they disappear at this point. I recently got my partner a Q5 as a replacement for the existing Blackberry. The touch-screen interface causes motion sickness and the Q5 at least minimises the need to drag fingers across the screen.

    I had a chance to have a quick play with the things as I was setting it up and, in some ways, found it to be nicer to use than my S3. Most notably the keyboard was SO much quicker to type on. The screen was plenty big enough given that half of it didn't disappear to make room for a keyboard whenever I needed to type anything.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    PLEASE continue to count on us

    until and after the day when we go over the edge.

    The Board

    (in their smart jump-suits, sitting on their golden parachutes)

  9. AMB-York Silver badge


    Just waiting for the price to drop. Great phone, but way too expensive.

  10. Afflicted.John

    Z30 is a damn fine piece of kit

    The Z30 is a bloody good phone. My unashamed Android fanboy roots have withered. I am jumping ship. The likes of the Galaxy Note are gimmicks and the best android can offer business is using an MDM like Good which always seemed like sticking a plaster on a gaping wound. I cannot say anything mopre than I am thoroughly impressed by BB10.

    If only BB would engage a clever PR campaign and be a little more intelligent. With LG firing arrows on Facebook (with a resulting backlash) and WhatsApp failing in the security stakes, BB have some opportunity to gain some traction. If only they would stop consistently screwing up...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Z30 is a damn fine piece of kit

      Thank you Mrs Heins :-)

  11. MarleysGhost

    Does anyone here remember that scene from "Airplane" Stewardess grasping the microphone :- Ladies and Gentlemen this is your chief of cabin crew here. Some of you may have noticed a loud bang and the plane shaking. Please be aware this is nothing to be alarmed about and is just some turbulence.

    Oh, yes, and is there anybody on board that knows how to fly a plane?

  12. unlockworldwide

    The Undertakers Weekly

    I must agree that rumours of imminent flatlining are greatly exaggerated. With Mike Lazaridis announcing interest in reacquiring RIM (as it will RE re-branded) the prospect of a huge injection of hubris implies a steep climb in share price and the prospect of the BlackBerry regaining its former dominance.

    It is worthy of note that Mr Lazaridis' command of HUBRIS was outclassed only by that of Bankers in the Subprime Mortgage success.

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