back to article A14 to become UK's first internet-connected ROAD

New trials of White Space frequency-sharing technology will see BT wiring up the A14 road between Felixstowe and Cambridge, while Microsoft rolls out a Glasgow-wide Wi-Fi network – meaning these areas will be the first to find out whether White Space will work in Blighty. The trials will run later this year, ahead of next year …


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  1. Martin an gof Silver badge

    It's not just TV

    There are plenty of other licenced users of unused TV frequencies. At work we pay an annual fee to enable us to operate a couple of dozen radio microphones in these channels. Are our microphones in this database? How do we go about getting remedies for interference?

    What happens when they sell off even more of the spectrum for mobile services, squishing the existing TV multiplexes into a smaller pool and leaving even less space for other paid-up users? Who wins?


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: It's not just TV

      Until the accidents happen there will be unlimited usage, then there will be legislation against it.

  2. Rupert Fiennes Bronze badge

    Fantastic news!

    This way, during the 15 minutes of waiting behind the two speed governed juggernauts to vainly overtake one another, you can check your mail :-)

  3. Nigel Brown

    It will also be handy for

    online payment of the compulsory toll on the stretch round Huntingdon. The old section of the A14 is to be demolished, so you'll have no choice.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      No it won't

      As the network is only going as far as Cambridge.

    2. James Hughes 1

      Re: It will also be handy for

      Plenty of choice. St Ives->Earith->WIllingham->Rampton->Cottenham->Histon->Cambridge /sarcasm

      Wouldn't fancy living in any of those places once the tolls kicks in...traffic is going to be dreadful. Tolling the A14 is an insane idea - there simply are no viable alternatives.

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Re: It will also be handy for

        South Cambs is flat, your SUV has 4 wheel drive = where we are commuting we don't need no roads !

      2. Dan delaMare-Lyon

        Re: It will also be handy for

        It'll be fine, as the local roads they will be building to help the locals avoid the tolls, will also be ANPR covered so nicely fining anyone trying to rat-run. You will not be able to avoid it :)

    3. Kubla Cant Silver badge

      Re: It will also be handy for

      I wouldn't hold your breath for replacement of the Cambridge-Huntingdon section.

      They spent so much money and time on the feasibility study that they can't actually afford a new road. Mind you, the bridge over the East Coast Main Line at Huntingdon station seems to be in danger of collapse, which may force things to move on a bit.

  4. Mage Silver badge

    Oh Dear

    Oh Dear.

    A Solution that isn't needed that will break supposedly protected spectrum.

  5. Irongut

    Glasgow Trials

    Is there anywhere where they actually list the dates of these trials as anything other than "in the next 6 months"? How will they know if the trial is successful if they don't tell us when it is happening? How will I know if my crap TV reception is caused by this trial, the usual problems or something else?

  6. John Robson Silver badge

    Because what we really need

    Is WiFi on roads....

    Trains I can understand, lots of people doing nothing safety critical - plenty of time to fire up a tablet/laptop/phone and use some data.

    On the A14 the vast majority of cars (certainly in rush hour a few years ago) are single occupant - i.e. everyone is driving, and should be taking responsibility for each other.

  7. moiety

    If you're going to add more things to crash into on the A14, a conveyor belt carrying medical supplies would be favourite.

  8. ChrisJC

    No need for wireless

    Because traffic spends so much time stationary on the A14, good old CAT5 would be just as effective.


    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: No need for wireless

      Well with BT involved we can be sure the connection to the DB will not be via O2....

    2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: No need for wireless

      A whole new meaning to static ip?

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