back to article Google adds Large Hadron Collider tunnel to Street View

Google has dragged is Street View imaging kit to Switzerland, then lugged it beneath the earth to capture images of the tunnel containing CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Sadly the images don't quite let you be the atom, instead offering the chance to trundle through the LHC's long and monotonous tunnel. CERN's head of …


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  1. Bob Merkin


    Can Ordnance Survey use these photos to turn the LHC into Minecraft now too?

    1. Captain DaFt

      Re: Idea

      I wouldn't advise it. Some fool would use the minecraft version to open a portal to the real world, and next thing you know, creepers everywhere!

  2. skeptical i

    Wouldn't it be cool to paint the inside of a traffic tunnel to match?

    Holland Tunnel in NYC, Callahan Tunnel in BOS, that'd be neat. The exhaust fumes would dingy it up right quick, but it'd be cool while it lasts. :D

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    labor prices in different countries

    just for the record, in order to warn any non-westerners:

    "The cost [...] has been evaluated, taking into account realistic labor prices in different countries. The total cost is X (with a western equivalent value of Y) [where Y>X]

    source: LHCb calorimeters : Technical Design Report

    ISBN: 9290831693

    1. Annihilator

      Re: labor prices in different countries

      Erm, what?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: labor prices in different countries

        Indeed, even while giving complete satisfaction, they have no forward vision about the possibility of pursuing a career at CERN.

        This lack of an element of social responsibility in the contract policy is unacceptable. Rather than serve as a cushion of laziness for supervisors, who often have only a limited and utilitarian view when defining the opening of an IC post, the contract policy must ensure the inclusion of an element of social justice, which is cruelly absent today.

        In my three years of operation, I have unfortunately witnessed cases where CERN duties and educational training became contradictory and even conflicting. This has particularly been the case when the requirements of the CERN supervisor conflict with the expected time dedicated to a doctoral student’s thesis.

        "How should we make it attractive for them [young people] to spend 5,6,7 years in our field, be satisfied, learn about excitement, but finally be qualified to find other possibilities?" -- H. Schopper

        More than 98% of the ERC’s grants are awarded to scientists in the old EU-15, with mere crumbs thrown to newer member countries.

  4. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    I hope they put Gordon Freeman/Barney Calhoun or Yoko Tsuno somehwere to be spotted.

  5. Mondo the Magnificent

    So, how the....

    hell did the Google Streetview car manage to get through those tunnels without knocking any boffins over?

    After all they managed to kill a donkey in a desert in the middle of nowhere as well as collide with two buses in Indonesia...

  6. Caesarius

    The view inside the LHC...

    ... as seen by the atoms (er, shouldn't that be "hadrons"?) would be particularly boring, surely?!

  7. RosslynDad

    Time for a Bit of National Stereotyping

    The article says that some parts of the tunnel were a bit grubby. Given the tunnel is under Swiss and French territory is the "grubbiness" restricted to a particular country? Having visited both countries I have to say that "grubby" isn't a word I'd associate with the Swiss (in any of their languages).

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