back to article How long will the next NBN Co board last?

Wanted: NBN Co board members. Essential: telecommunications network rollout experience; ability to conduct a thorough review of the current NBN rollout; conduct weekly performance reviews of network rollout without interruption to operations. Desirable: willing to be dismissed at short notice. Cost blowouts and missed targets …


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  1. Winkypop Silver badge

    New Board members wanted

    Will look favourably on applicants with a big ball of string and some tin cans.

    Ask for Mal.

  2. Mike Echo

    I think this will eventually come back to bite Malcolm on the bum.

  3. Combat Wombat

    You'll just see the board stacked...

    with political cronies of the liberal party and ex Telsta and newscorp execs.

    None of whom will know a damn thing about delivering a 21st century broadband infrastructure.

    1. Persona non grata

      Re: You'll just see the board stacked...

      More likely it'll be IPA 'fellows' - they're the really scary ones.

      And they're the ones they've put in charge everywhere else.

  4. mathew42

    Simon Hackett

    What Australia needs is Simon Hackett on the board. He has consistently identified NBNCo's failings and outlined solutions. One solution (150Mbps free CVC) was even taken on board by NBNCo.

  5. rtb61

    A do nothing board with only two goals shut down broadband development and make it enormously difficult and expensive to restart and somehow blame the Australian Labour Party for it's failure.

  6. Urh

    Enough with the talk of cost blowouts already....

    ....because they're simply not there. If the project costs are out of control, why is NBNCo's contingency fund completely untouched? Plus there's the latest report which shows that costs are *lower* than expected. It's high time that Malware Bullturn face reality and leave the FTTP deployment alone.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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