back to article China ready to unblock access to Facebook, Twitter et al

The Chinese government may have finally relented in allowing unfettered access to previously blocked sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but only for users within the newly-created 28km2 Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Anonymous government sources told Hong Kong newspaper The South China Morning Post that senior leaders in Beijing …


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  1. LarsG


    Won't stop them from monitoring you, it's a form of natural selection, make a comment get arrested.

    One down 100,000,000 to go...

  2. bigtimehustler

    One thing about China is that although they have very questionable morals to say the least, at least they actually do what they say. Here in the western world and many other countries we say one thing when really doing something else behind the scenes.

  3. noboard

    Hardly surprising

    These last few months have taught China that these Western companies not only allow Goverments to spy on their users, but already have departments and procedures set-up to expediate the process.

  4. Guillermo Lo Coco

    HK have really free Internet. Mainland internet sucks.

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