back to article E-book him! Entire Judge Dredd back catalogue gets iDevice treatment

Dredd fans! Tharg the Mighty has added almost every single 2000AD story the future lawman has passed judgement in - well, apart from the ones that were once banned by m’learned colleagues - to the official iDevice app. Yes, the Judge Dredd Complete Case Files compendia - which extend to a colossal 20 volumes - are now …


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  1. Code Monkey

    By Grudd that looks a good deal

  2. LaSombra

    That's the kind of announcement that forces me to buy an iPad :(

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That's the sort of announcement that makes me glad I already bought one :)

    2. wikkity

      Get them in CBZ format and you can read them on any mainstream (inc linux/android) platform.

  3. ukgnome Silver badge

    Hoojie Paloojie it's a beautiful day

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Android eh?

      I'm a speciality on Androids because I'm one and my 'brother' is one ...

      That's because 'I am the Lore'.

  5. graeme leggett


    Paint me Justice Department Blue and call me Kenneth, that's a lot of Dredd

  6. Vociferous

    that's excellent, but...

    ...what the world truly NEEDS is a sequel to _Dredd_.

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: that's excellent, but...

      I saw it in the cinema and bought the DVD (without waiting for it to drop to a fiver in a supermarket).... I don't know what else I can do. Ah well.

  7. Tom Servo

    Can't say flarer than that

    as Mega City-1 resident Max Normal said.

  8. Pete the not so great

    It'd be a crime not to

    take a peek

  9. FartingHippo

    Oh no!

    I just went "squee", meaning my life is officially worthless.

    Then again: Squee!!!!!

  10. James 51 Silver badge

    That is an excellent deal. Now if only they could follow it up with an epub release.

  11. Rog69

    Slightly misleading.

    The complete case files volumes 1 - 20 contains most of the Dredd strips up to around 1994- 95, so to say it brings us up to present times is not accurate, that doesn't even cover half of the published Dredd so far.

    You can also get the first five volumes for a tenner each from the 2000ad web site, DRM free (CBZ or PDF format) so you don't need an Ipad to view them. Same goes for the weekly and monthly comics.

  12. MerseyMal

    They already sell some of them on their own website in CBZ format. Would rather get the rest of them that way too.

  13. Zola


    Reading this story on my Nexus 7 2013 and for the first (and hopefully last) time I have iPad envy!

    Any chance of Rogue Trooper being similarly re-released?

    Crazy not releasing this kind of material for Android - hopefully it's just a matter of time.

    1. moylan

      Re: Drokk!

      ditto strontium dog, sam slade robo hunter, halo jones, slaine, and many many others.

  14. Pete the not so great

    drokking awsome

    I can take the law into my own hands!

  15. regorama

    or you could download the entire 2000ad archive for free on Bitorrent in great quality?

    1. wikkity

      RE: for free on Bitorrent

      Which would obviously be illegal. However, it makes it very easy to read them, mush easier than wading through the loft insulation that is actually boxes and boxes of comics. Plus, many people find it unthinkable to open them once they've been bagged.

      I'd love to see a subscription based service like spotify for comics.

  16. David Evans

    Drokk it!

    ...You got me excited there; I thought they'd finally gotten around to offering all of Dredd up to date but these are just digitised versions of the Case Files anthologies that have been onsale in your local ink-on-dead-trees emporium for ages. The first 20 volumes take you up to prog 887. We're currently at prog 1850.

    Haven't looked at the 2000AD website for ages and I'm annoyed that it looks like Zenith has finally been reprinted but as a limited run and I missed it.

    I do wish Rebellion would get their act together on digitising the whole of 2000AD. Progress seems pretty slow (rights issues aside), their site design is pretty poor and only putting subs on iTunes and not Google Play is behind the curve. I'll fix all of that for you Mr. Kingsley, for a reasonable fee :)

    1. TchmilFan

      Re: Drokk it!

      Drokk it, indeed - I didn't know they'd reprinted Zenith either.

      Oh flaps.

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