back to article Extreme Networks coughs $180m for 'no overlap' rival Enterasys

Plucky upstart Extreme Networks has swallowed the larger, privately held Ethernet switching player Enterasys Networks for $180m in cold hard cash - and some shares. The buy makes Extreme the fourth largest Ethernet switching maker on the planet in revenue terms, behind Cisco, HP and Huawei, according to ZK Research. NASDAQ- …


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  1. Stuart Elliott

    Extreme Networks

    Hmm, what a coincidence, just finished posting in the Huawei thread stating I'd just put their kit in, and it's Extreme network gear it's replaced, never see ANYTHING about Extreme, and this pops up today.. Spooky..

    /dons tin foil hat.

    /breathes sigh of relief.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Shaking off Gores

    The final sentence of the article is so VERY appropriate. The Gores Group really never digested either Siemens Communications or Enterasys. As the realignment machinations of Siemens Communications meandered through spin off, product redefinition, workforce leaning, product image recovery, rebranding and property disposal, Enterasys became heir to the dubious decisions and image smear arising from Gores inability to chart direction for the larger sibling. Extreme's obvious experience in the network infrastructure domain should foster new life & new hope for Enterasys.

  3. Nate Amsden

    bigger than juniper?

    I thought juniper's switching business would still be bigger, but maybe not.

    As a customer/fan/user of Extreme's gear(almost exclusively) for the past 13 years I'm pretty happy to see this, certainly should give them a bit more clout.

    I really admire their rejection of the arcane IOS-like interface that is so complicated and have a UI that is significantly easier to manage and doesn't make me want to gouge my eyes out with an ice pik.

    That and ESRP is my favorite L2/L3 network protocol, nothing else like it that I know of. I was rather dismayed when TRILL came out(or is still coming out?? not sure if the standard is complete) and it was layer 2 only.

    I wonder if Enterasys uses broadcom chips as well, or something else?

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