back to article VMware's latest trick: Virtual gyroscopes and compasses

File this one in the folder you use to contemplate the mysteries of marketing, because just a week after schlepping around 20,000 people to San Francisco and bundling them all into a room to hear about its latest and greatest wares, VMware has released three new products. The three are the garden variety and professional cut …


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  1. M Gale

    The utility has also been tweaked so Windows 8.1 can run as a VM in the happiest possible way, as can some recent Linuxes.

    So what happens now, when you hit the Metro button while running in Unity mode? Still a godawful hack?

    (Not that I blame VMware for Microsoft's piss-poor UI)

  2. Tom Maddox Silver badge

    Late release

    The reason for the late announcement is simple enough: about 90% of the potential technical attendees were off in the Black Rock Desert, so there was no reason to release anything but marketing fluff at VMworld.

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