back to article IP telly upstart stuffs Comedy Central, MTV in Freeview box

Another upstart is using Freeview's IP connectivity to launch premium channels, but this time there might even be something worth watching, or even paying for. VuTV will launch in the autumn on Freeview HD channel 238, but it won't be "broadcast". The service takes advantage of the MHEG (digital text) Interactive Channel to …


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  1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge


    Fingers crossed it has stuff I actually want to see without requiring a Virigin/Sky/BT box and it costs less.

    Fingers crossed again its cheaper.

  2. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Does God TV sound bad, particularly?

    Worst case as I see it - it watches you, instead of the other way around.

    Or it doesn't let you switch it of.

    Or, both.

    Which you get with the real thing anyway...

    1. A K Stiles

      Re: Does God TV sound bad, particularly?

      or perhaps you just hear lots of people telling you how great it is, but you can never actually see it for yourself?

      1. Professor Clifton Shallot

        Re: Does God TV sound bad, particularly?

        God TV loves you and therefore if you watch another channel will torment you forever.

  3. David Given

    MHEG, awesome?

    Here's the example source for a simple caterpillar style game for MHEG. Decide for yourself whether it's awesome:

  4. Tom 35 Silver badge

    Those brands will only be available as a bundle

    Who wants to pay for brands?

    So will the bundle include the Pro Darts channel? Watching grass grow, with weekly watching paint dry special? I don't want a bundle, I'm not going to pay for crap I don't want.

  5. Recaf

    Why not 1 IP stream per channel?

    Why do Freeview IPTV providers insist on having multiple streams per channel? Surely one stream per channel would be far better for EPG integration, if nothing else?

    Find a program on the EPG, switch to channel 2XX, IPTV stream plays, life's good.

  6. Ken Darling

    When is a compatible Freeview HD TV not compatible...?

    When it's a Sony Bravia. Bought mine as it was advertised as Freeview HD compatible. Yes, it receives the HD channels, and very nice they look too, but it doesn't do IPTV and that great Sony support doesn't extend to releasing a decent firmware update.

    Shame, as some of those channels are one's I'd be interested in.

  7. Dr?

    Sounds great until you get to "bundles". If I wanted a bundle I'd get Sky.

    Oh to be able to watch my beloved rugby without paying for a plethora of other channels I will never ever watch.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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