back to article Microsoft's $15m won't last forever: Quantum, CommVault to flog new backup kit

Quantum is still chewing on its $15m royalty payout from Microsoft, but that was a one-off, and it needs to make plans if it doesn't wish to go hungry again. To that end, the storage firm is adding a dash of Simpana software to boost the growth of its Lattus object storage business. It has also introduced a new virtual …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I tried the Virtual appliance, its an awesome bit of software, but Quantums problem is they overvalue it... why would anybody buy a bit of software that only costs marginally less that buying their physical appliance!

    1. Lorddraco

      Re: Shame..

      Archiving is for long-term like 6-7 to even 10 years. Will Quantum still be around in 10 years?

  2. erjs

    Compare against HP StoreOne VSA in the table

    While i understand this is published by Quantum, a couple of issues with the comparison table.

    a. Broadest Scalability: Am not sure what they mean here! The StoreOnce VSA is available as a 10TB SKU and one can start with 1TB and increment in 1TB as required over a period of time. And if physical appliances are thrown in you can scale upto 768TB. You have the exact same GUI across all platforms.!spectype=worldwide&type=html&docid=14450

    b. Detailed Advanced Reporting. The StoreOnce VSA GUI by itself is quite rich in reporting features. When combined with HP StoreOnce Enterprise Manager (HP SEM, a free tool) , a customer gets to monitor ~400 StoreOnce appliances (including VSAs) and build analytics inclurding forecasting over a period of time. This is a web based tool providing a singular view of all StoreOnce appliances under management.

    You can also deploy, configure and manage StoreOnce VSAs from HP SEM.

    c. Highest Performance. This is, of course, subjective to the equipment the appliances are hosted on, work loads on the HW etc . Under optimal conditions, HP StoreOnce VSA with StoreOnce Catalyst can provide some really fast throughput.

    Conclusion is the above table may not be entirely accurate and should come with appropriate caveats.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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