back to article IT gear manufacturers trim payrolls in July

The good news in the United States is that the unemployment rate, as gauged by the Department of Labor, was down in July. The bad news is that the economy created fewer jobs than anticipated last month, and that the numbers for May and June were revised down a bit, as well. The unemployment rate dipped a bit in July in the …


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  1. heenow

    Past Time

    It's time for everything and everybody with an "IT" in their title to be bulldozed into a pile and a match thrown in.

    You really don't know how much you're hated, do you?

  2. itzman

    what that seems to say is...

    that people are upgrading the infrastructure, not the end user devices.

    Which sorta fits with having to do 'cloud' and BYOD stuff..

    ..and with the anecdotal evidence from my PC supplier that no one wants windows 8, and that my three year old budget motherboard is simply not worth replacing because the same money won't buy me anything markedly better.

    Moore's Law it seems, is creaking a bit.

  3. BornToWin

    Before you know it...

    ...someone will declare an economic recession in Asia, the UK and U.S.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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