back to article OpenStack 'will be derailed' if it mimics AWS, bellows Scoble

Internet foghorn Robert Scoble has come out booming against claims that open source cloud project OpenStack should implement features found in major cloud provider Amazon Web Services. On Tuesday, the Rackspace mouthpiece called for OpenStack to devote its not inconsiderable engineering resources into developing cloud …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Better to copy Azure, surely. That seems to be the direction most enterprises are heading in....

  2. Homer 1

    Good plan, Bobbie.

    So, allegedly, the non-profit OpenStack Foundation needs to become Geek Watch® Incorporated, and stop "wasting" its time giving people what they actually want, i.e. the community that actually makes it for their own benefit in the first place.

    Hail Bobbie Scrubble! What a fucking genius.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AWS API needed?

    Proof OpenStack needs an AWS API would be Eucalyptus getting all the devs and sales, it isn't.

    1. El Limerino

      Re: AWS API needed?

      Well, this is true: but Eucalyptus could simply be a proof that AWS APIs are necessary but not sufficient. As in, maybe you need AWS compatibility, and then also a reason for someone to choose you over actual AWS.

      So it's entirely possible that both are right: AWS emulation is a good idea, and also you need to differentiate. But that wouldn't be nearly as entertaining, and nor would it generate as much revenue for Randy Bias' company. After all, Randy's position deliberately shifts the emphasis away from a dominant OpenStack distro as the winning formula towards APIs etc. as being the winning formula. So those OpenStack distros who stand to make Randy's company irrelevant would be less important if his narrow POV is accepted.

  4. Richard C

    "Linux of Clouds" would do well to observe Linux's history

    (historical points may be a little fuzzy here, but bear with me)

    Linux started as a copy of an incumbent (Minix), and matured in its own direction. At this point it was really a glorified toy. Some people used Linux for real work, but it was relatively rare (I'm thinking of those few people who knew Linux 1.X). At this point, the Linux pitch was "Tickle my belly, I'm soft and cute".

    During Linux 2.2, or thereabouts, Samba reached maturity, and the dotcom boom was in full swing thanks to Apache ("httpd", for the kids). There was a tremendous kerfuffle when Samba on Linux was benchmarked as faster than an NT4 file server; and Linuxcare sucked up a lot of money and people, and pushed out a lot of advertising. I think this is when Linux got very, very real. At this point, the Linux pitch was "I'm like you, but better".

    Into Linux 3.x, we're almost into a post-Linux era. Linux has grown and matured to the point where it's really part of the IT furniture. Linux continues to get crazy new features (ceph!); but for now the Linux pitch is "I'm Linux".

    OpenStack will need to forge its own path, and remain relevant to AWS, until the outcome is known. MS knows this, and demonstrates it with Azure. You can't be (and remain) a better AWS than AWS - the real game is to be the better cloud infrastructure.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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