back to article Apple crushes all competition in US Brand of the Year survey

Americans love their Apples. A new Harris Interactive poll surveyed 38,814 US consumers, who ranked Apple as Brand of the Year in three categories: smartphones, tablets, and computers. "Americans continue to give Apple brands strong ratings," Harris Interactive SVP Manny Flores said in a release announcing the results. …


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  1. Hud Dunlap

    Newegg. Never heard of them

    I work with a number of people who work very hard finding the best electronic prices, They compare notes all of the time and I have never heard Newegg mentioned.

    Makes me doubt the rest of the survey.

    1. Steve Todd

      Re: Newegg. Never heard of them

      Sorry you've blown any credibility that you have. I don't live in the US but even I have heard of them.

    2. csumpi

      Re: Newegg. Never heard of them

      > Newegg. Never heard of them

      Makes me doubt the rest of your post.

      1. Tom 13

        Re: Makes me doubt the rest of your post.

        I disagree. There's absolutely no doubt about it: he's clueless.

    3. sisk Silver badge

      Re: Newegg. Never heard of them

      Never heard of Newegg? That's ok, you can turn in your geek card right over here.

      Seriously, they're THE name in online electronics retailers. Saying you've never heard of them is rather like saying you've never heard of WalMart.

      1. Ammaross Danan

        Re: Newegg. Never heard of them

        To be fair to the OP, in context: "They compare notes all of the time and I have never heard Newegg mentioned." He's emphasizing that Newegg never came up as the cheapest source for electronics, which is true. But then again, they don't ship from Hong Kong (except their new Asian marketplace), and they're trustworthy. I'm sure I could find rather cheap electronics on eBay and buy there....but why would I?

    4. TechW

      Re: Newegg. Never heard of them

      Your loss really. I've been buying from Newegg for years. It's the only #1 on any of the lists that makes any sense to me at all.

    5. Piro

      Re: Newegg. Never heard of them

      What on earth? I live in the UK and I know Newegg well, of course, I've never used it to purchase items, but I use it as a price reference, and to link people items in the US.

    6. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Newegg. Never heard of them

      @Hud Dunlap - >"Newegg. Never heard of them"

      I'm starting to doubt that you even exist, Hud.

    7. FredBloggsY

      Re: Newegg. Never heard of them

      "Newegg. Never heard of them"

      OK. None of us knows everything.

      But maybe you've heard of Google?

      Sometimes useful before posting about things you haven't heard of.

  2. DJV Silver badge

    Epson "fave printer vendor"

    Hmm, unfortunately, they've not been my "fave" for donkeys.

    My first printer was the Epson FX-80 connected to my Commodore PET. It lasted about 18 months and then blew some internal component which a local company managed to fix at hefty expense. In the late 80s I bought an early HP Deskjet - that lasted ages without fault and was passed onto another family member where it did stirling service for several more years. I'd replaced the HP with an Epson 700 Photo (if memory serves) colour inkjet which suffered from the usual ink nozzles drying up problem and died 2 weeks before the year's warranty was up. Epson replaced it with a refurbished 700 which lasted a while but still couldn't clean its ink nozzles if I didn't use it for a few weeks. At least with the HPs they are part of the (bloody expensive) ink cartridges. I vowed never to have another Epson printer again. Currently happy with an el-cheapo Dell-badged laser!

    1. Rukario
      Thumb Up

      Re: Epson "fave printer vendor"

      Upvoted for connecting an FX-80 to a Commodore PET.

    2. Rik Myslewski

      Re: Epson "fave printer vendor"

      Interesting. Personally, I've never had a nanosecond of trouble with my years-old Epson R2880, and I've left it idle a month or more many a time.

      Although, of course, now that I've said that it'll likely clog up the next time I try to print a high-res color photo.

  3. csumpi



    - in phones HTC beats Samsung

    - AT+T makes the list on mobile networks

    - Microsoft and Best Buy make the list on online computer retailers

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: BS

      It's brand recognition, not which things are better or most popular. Try to keep up.

    2. Eddy Ito Silver badge

      Re: BS

      Remember this is a survey about "Brand Equity" which Harris defines as "a brand's Equity is determined by a calculation of Familiarity, Quality and Purchase Consideration."

      Since AT&T is likely to be very familiar to most folks and given limited number of national networks it is obviously in contention of purchases. Also note that just because they ranked above the category average it doesn't mean it is well loved it just means it's not most hated.

    3. sisk Silver badge

      Re: BS

      #1) Brand recognition is not brand love.

      #2) Of course AT&T makes the list of mobile networks. They're the second biggest provider in America. There are a lot of places, like the boonies where I live, where the only options are Verizon, AT&T, and local companies that no one's ever heard of.

      #3) Again, this is about brand recognition. Try to find someone who hasn't heard of MS and/or Best Buy. Go ahead, try.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    With all this hype about Apple pc's being tops in this survey, its too bad the the market share does not relect this number!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Microsoft are many things, but definitely NOT an online computer retailer.

  6. keithpeter


    " Computers:





    So that is MacOS in 1st place and generic x86 with windows in places 2, 3, 4.

    So what is the total % of places 2,3,4?

    Am I being reductive/simplistic?

    The tramp: I'm cheap and I buy recycled computers off ebay

    1. Daniel B.

      Re: platforms?

      Though "generic x86" applies to all of them. Sad state of affairs, we're all stuck in the consumer side with ugly, hot and inefficient 20+ year old designs and no sign of a RISC switchover outside the mobile world.

  7. Ramazan

    * HTC before Gnusmas in smartphones list

    * no mention of Amazon in online retailers list

    * HP and Dell before Sony? OK, but Apple Computers was built after Sony after all

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yanks are xenophobics, film at 11.

  9. stephajn

    No accounting for taste....

    Further proof you can't trust an American's taste....

    Remember...this is the same nation that would be in favour of going to war with Canada over the "Silverfish Crisis" and whose politicians actually at one point were dumb enough (probably still are) to believe that Canada only adopted the 24 hour clock a few years ago and went on national TV congratulating Canada for this major step forward.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: No accounting for taste....

      Yeah, but at least they are correct about Intelligent Design.

      And Surveillance as a prerequisite for freedom. Lots of freedom.

  10. h3

    But Apple is an Irish company. (At least the reg said they were recently).

    If OS X had focus follows mouse I might be able to put up with it. (Don't like the way it pollutes everything with .DS_STORE files though).

    1. Rukario

      But Apple is an Irish company.

      Apple is as Irish as Paul Hewson is a Dutchman.

    2. Steen Hive
      Thumb Up


      Mac came with my job - for the DS_Store plague. Great util.

  11. h3

    I bet they are still below AMEX in customer satisfaction surveys.

  12. JaitcH

    I think Apple supremacy is a perfect reflection of ...

    the gullibility of the American buying public.

    They don't research buys - simply spur of the moment.

  13. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

    Two factors..

    Two big factors...

    1) Rabid Apple fanbois. No matter what, they will insist their device is the best on the market (even when it's got inferior specs), best vendor on the planet, even sometimes using twisted fanboi-logic to claim the expensive Apple fondleslab or computer is *cheaper* (usually by cherrypicking a very expensive Sony or some such to compare to, or comparing to a "comparable" device that is actually way higher spec.) Many of them even believed found "your holding it wrong" and "buy a carrying case" acceptable responses to Apple shipping phones with a defective antenna design. Even if you think I exaggerate, at the very least let's say they have a VERY loyal following.

    2) Commoditization. For tablets and phones besides the Apples, the other models were all Android (well, the Amazon one is customized Android with it's own app store...) I won't say this is a bad thing, but it makes it that much harder to distinguish yourself on a brand awareness survey when you are selling yet more Android phones and tablets. For computers, of course, all but Apple are selling the ever-mediocre Windows 8. If I had to pick a machine, I'd either say "good condition used" or "System76" I guess, because I really don't want to send Microsoft *or* Apple any money.

  14. rcorrect

    Online Computer Retailers: #3 Apple Store

    It was about here that my laughter could no longer be contained.

  15. AdamFowler_IT

    I have no faith in a survey that took 40 minutes to do by online people and were probably paid to do so.

  16. FredBloggsY

    "Americans love their Apples."

    And bombing countries into democracy.

    And spying on its citizens and everyone else's.

    And grossing out on Apple pie, fat-burgers and corn-syrup-with-everything.

    Or so the surveys seem to say.

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