back to article Sexbomb pop minstrel Taylor Swift PORN FIB used to lure fanbois

Miscreants have brewed up a FBI-themed ransomware scam aimed at Apple users that relies on malicious JavaScript code rather than a conventional trojan. The scam prompted a warning from the FBI-backed Internet Crime Complaint Centre on Thursday, and a denial that it was anything to do with the Feds. The ploy represents a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Jerome Segura, a senior security researcher at Malwarebytes, came across the scam via a Bing Images search for Taylor Swift."

    This was after doing Bing searches for photos of Alicia Keyes, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Who knew having a thing for young American female singers could be a career advancer.

    PS. Yes, assume a joke icon.

    1. adnim Silver badge

      Should I know

      who Taylor Swift is?

      Am I missing out on something that is essential for my continued existence and happiness?

      1. J 3

        Re: Should I know

        I don't know about existence, but your happiness will be much obliged if go on not hearing her music. Pictures are fine though.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Not quite a malware issue, that it goes no further than your browser.

      Re-set Safari, kill off the cookies and history and hey presto.

      I don't think this will panic Mac user too much, and it's not like a windows infection that goes to the heart of the software is it?

    3. Velv Silver badge
      Paris Hilton

      "Ah, so you want to be a Security Research. Welcome. I'm afraid you'll need to start at the bottom of the ladder, spending all day searching the web for young attractive women"

      Where do I sign?

  2. Mike Bell

    Don't Reset Safari

    The advice in that video should be ignored. After force-quitting Safari, just hold down the Shift key when starting up Safari again, and it will duly oblige by not opening the last page it was looking at.

  3. Herby

    Taylor Swift is...

    A female twenty-something singer/performer that some people drool over here in the USA. Your mileage may vary.

    1. Goldmember

      Re: Taylor Swift is...

      Personally, I don't get it. I've seen her plenty of times in pictures, and she's certainly no Jessica Alba.

      Plus, her 'singing' voice is whiney, weak and just plain awful.

    2. Beachrider

      Re: Taylor Swift is...

      USA Country-pop just doesn't sell well with sophisticated European audiences, though.

  4. ShrNfr

    This is why they invented the NoScript add on. Also useful for blocking other things too.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Does that even work in Safari? I thought it was for Firefox only.

      I do use it, and it is useful. It is however, quite annoying when a website spreads the JavaScript it uses over about 30 separate hosts and domains. (TheRegister spreads itself over four!)

      1. Big-nosed Pengie

        "I do use it, and it is useful. It is however, quite annoying when a website spreads the JavaScript it uses over about 30 separate hosts and domains. (TheRegister spreads itself over four!)"

        I find it quite useful. Any web site that does that and requires me to approve scripts from sites that I don't know and trust before it'll work gets an instant "close tab". Bloody idiots.

      2. Mystic Megabyte Silver badge
        Big Brother

        I use NoScript and Ghostery*.

        This has the advantage of when you select "Temporarily allow all this page" in NoScript then Ghostery will put up a brief notification showing all the blocked trackers.

        Try the Telegraph to see what I mean.

        *and RefControl and BetterPrivacy and AdBlockPlus

  5. Crisp Silver badge

    Jerome Segura, came across the scam via a Bing Images search for Taylor Swift.

    Yeah, that's what I'd tell my employer too if I got caught doing an image search for Taylor Swift!

    Uh! Security research! Look! There's a new Javascript exploit right there!

    Now to look for images of Taylor Momsen...

  6. BornToWin

    The people who write and distribute...

    ...this SCUMWARE should be hung by their balls for about six months until they have a clue.

  7. Matt Newton

    I got this the other day browsing a torrent site. Hadn't clicked anything, suddenly my monitors all got covered in this warning - pic of a friendly police man with his arms folded and all this text about laws I'd violated including terrorism, violent or sadistic websites and child porn... but if, IF, I was to pay $99 to Nottinghamshire Police and super super promised not to do it again, it'd be viewed as a "caution" and it'd be ok.

    What first alerted me to the fact it might be suspicious was that they were asking in dollars. That and the obvious :D

    But yeah - I've seen it and that was on Chrome / Win 7.

    Reboot fixed it. Scratched that torrent site off my bookmarks.


    John Leyden

    Still haven't succeeded in learning to write cogent sentences, I see.

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