back to article Comms giant Vodafone ready to smash up hosting and services market

Hosting and managed services players are about to face a heated battle as comms bigwig Vodafone prepares to jump into the market later this year, sources close to the vendor are claiming. The telco acquired Cable & Wireless Worldwide in the spring of 2012 and sucked up a load of hosting and management service capability that …


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  1. tin 2

    Good luck with that

    Several years ago when I last dealt with them on a regular basis, CWW was staffed by one or two gems surrounded by large number of buffoons. If the sources are credible and they can be a "contender" then there's suddenly a very large number of contenders out there.

    I could be wrong - most of my experience is quite ancient, and most was with one specific department, although contact was regular and for many different infrastructures - but somehow I doubt it's much different now.

    The only thing of course is a lot of potential business that could go to more nimble, proactive and specialised providers will go to Voda as the decision makers will be blinded by the name.

  2. goldcd

    I had the opposite experience as a software vendor

    Seemed to have one of those companies where everybody in the room had a decent depth of knowledge in their areas, and if they didn't you just needed to shout outside the meeting room door to find the right person. I definitely learnt stuff, anyway.

    Additionally we 'worked together' - which I can assure you is a lot more rare than it should be. Slogging into the night is almost a pleasure when the customer is also working and actually want to become SMEs on what you're trying to do.

    I could waffle on, but one of those rare projects where I could walk away at the end and actually be proud of what we'd done.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I've heard that they also took on 40ish ex 2e2 staff as well. It's a common theme for telcos in this country. Mobile/fixed/leased line business is saturated with gains only from taking business directly from competitors, so the only real growth is from diversification.

  4. Day-Jar View

    Good Luck

    Big V has a way to go if the service migration of the formerly-robust (if plodding) and helpful Demon is any basis for judgement. In that case the new mail systems couldn't even reliably deliver CRM-generated migration details to many existing customers - and when they do get migrated (only after all email service stopped did they realise something was up) the new systems can been seen, in real time, to delete valid mails from the servers.

    So, the channel may not be an issue (it never was for Demon), but the technical competence, and humility to admit mistakes, may now be.

    Now that sounds like the Big V I left 15 years ago!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Improvements to their wireless broadband

    Whilst in a Vodafone store recently, I was told that their data services would improve soon as their cells would have sufficient back haul due to their acquisition of C&W. Hmmm.

    1. Day-Jar View

      Re: Improvements to their wireless broadband

      ... that could explain 'plodding' service. How much can be squeezed down that pipe?

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