back to article SK Hynix coughs $240m to settle Rambus IP case

South Korean chip-maker SK Hynix has signed a five-year licensing deal worth $240m to settle an ongoing patent infringement lawsuit brought against it by intellectual property licensing firm Rambus. Hynix and Rambus have signed a five-year DRAM product licensing deal for Hynix to use computer memory IP from Rambus, and settled …


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  1. cyberdemon


    Does that set a precedent for RAMBUS to start patent-trolling everyone else now?

    I remember when they had a product. It was expensive, slow, and got extremely hot.

    I guess they decided that if they can't innovate, they'd better get under the bridge and wait for some billy-goats.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Rambus SDRAM patented technology?

    What exactly is Rambus claiming they invented, that no-one else could come up with a functional equivalent, without access to Rambuses designs?

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