back to article IBM blesses NoSQL upstart MongoDB

IBM developers can now write apps using MongoDB's query language to interact with data stored in DB2 and WebSphere, and vice versa, giving IBM's tech greater use and relevance in an age dominated by cheap or free solutions. IBM will preview support of MongoDB's JSON-oriented query method in DB2 and Websphere Extreme Scale …


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  1. bbulkow

    welcome to the party, IBM

    IBM has finally realized developers are let down by 10gen's NoSQL implementation, and IBM can provide an enterprise solution to address 10gen's failings. This API needs standardization - but make no mistake, this is IBM's move to cannibalize 10gen's enterprise sales effort by offering DB/2.

    At Aerospike, we've delivered a fast and scalable ACID NoSQL solution, and seen huge market uptake - we understand IBM's interest in playing catch up in this market.

    The fact that Aerospike has several ex-DB/2 engineers and advice from Don Haderle has helped.

  2. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    But is it web scale?

    Because we know that MongoDB is web scale. Do not question it!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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