back to article Full metal jacket: Nokia launches new Lumia 925

Nokia tweaked the top of its range with a new 4G Windows 8 model today. The aluminium 925 breaks with Nokia’s Stickle Brick garish-coloured plastic design philosophy and offers a more grown-up styling. The camera module is snaffled from the erstwhile flagship, the 920, with optical image stabilisation, spruced up with an extra …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hmm... That's a fairly smart looking phone. I like.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I don't think you will find anyone that disagree's about Nokia's ability to make nice hardware

      however Windows Phone sucks badly and makes this is a non-purchase.

      1. The_Regulator

        Please explain how windows phone 8 sucks so badly AC we all would love to know your obviously intellectual thoughts.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          "Please explain how windows phone 8 sucks so badly AC"

          Where to start.

          Poor battery life.


          Lack of apps

          Bugs galore, in particular Bluetooth streaming stuttering to audio devices, disconnects, the promimity sensor is garbage (or the software controlling it is), frequently turns the screen on when it should be off and viceversa, impossible to use the keboard in-call, the browser is pants, lack of sharing options, no way to replace built in app handlers.

          The list is pretty much endless. It's much easier to make a list of what's GOOD about Windows Phone.

          Looks pretty.

          errm, that's it...

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: "Please explain how windows phone 8 sucks so badly AC"

            @AC 19:37 - Or to put it another way - "I've just culled some random crap from the internet, it may or may not be true, but I want to look like I've tested it."

            You do come across as someone who would never like the phone, even if it laid golden eggs.

          2. The_Regulator

            Wrong on basically everything in your comments...

            Battery life is fine unless you call all day heavy use with no charging unacceptable or with medium use I can go until the next day with no charge.

            I have all the apps I need and more are arriving weekly.

            Bluetooth playback of media does not stutter on mine.

            Proximity sensor could use a little work but it is not terrible as you indicated.

            The in call keyboard is fine no clue what you are talking about there.

            All in all sounds like you googled and selected a few generic issues with WP then entered here.

            It's ok for there to be a good 3rd option for smart phone users btw.

      2. calmeilles

        Re: I don't think you will find anyone that disagree's about Nokia's ability to make nice hardware

        I'm afraid that I have to agree.

        All my phones except the very first have been Nokias and on the basis of long-standing satisfaction I took another at latest upgrade not paying attention to the fact that it was a Windows phone. Alas the suckage is huge starting with the inability to take a verifiable, readable back-up, going on the the inability to manipulate SMSs via a computer and descending from there to the pits.

        I'm cheap, so I won't be replacing it until the next freebie but that will not be a Windows phone and if they offer nothing else it will not be a Nokia however shiny the hardware may seem.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Seriously? Downvotes for personal opinions on a matter of design appreciation?

      Words (almost) fail me.

      1. Tom 35 Silver badge

        What's the surprise?

        Down votes for anonymous astroturf.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: What's the surprise?

          Oh fuck off Tom, I'm no more an astroturfer than you are. People have opinions that differ from yours, it doesn't make them employees or the company you don't like or in their pay: Deal with it.

          This pathetic, childish attitude that people seem to have here needs to stop - I have many good reasons for not commenting with my name, but I have been commenting here since you had to personally email the authors.

          1. Tom 35 Silver badge

            Re: What's the surprise?

            You're the one that asked.

            It may not be astroturf, but that's what it looks like. It's not like you are required to use your real name here, the only difference between posting with an anonymous handle (or even a first name) and using AC is that no one can see what else you have posted. A "personal opinion" posted as AC is not worth a pinch of shit, it only has value when your reputation is attached to it.

            Microsoft/Nokia can put "some anonymous person said it looked good" on their next advertisement, I'm sure that will really boost sales.

      2. thesykes

        Of course you get downvoted for praising it.

        Didn't you know? No matter how good the phone is, how well made, how stylish, what features it has, all of that is irrelevant, it's a Windows phone. That is enough for the rabid 'nix and Apple Fanbois to downvote anything faintly praiseworthy. Individual opinion, taste and thought is not allowed.

        And no, I don't own a Windows phone.

        I do, however, appreciate that competition is good for all phone users, regardless of their personal choice in handset.

        1. The_Regulator

          Finally a voice of reason, was beginning to lose faith!!

        2. tirk

          Phone OS wars is now even more stupid than OS wars ever was. Up and down-votes for any sort of opinion (regardless of any argument) are the Pavlovian response of the adherents of each camp.

          Still, it goes a long way to paying for this site!

  2. Tegne

    Shouldn't it be called the 920s?

    Ooh it's a bit thinner than the previous model. Bring the Xenon Equipped 928 to the UK market and I may be interested.

  3. Simon Rockman

    OK, so that's my next phone sorted then

    I had hoped for 41Mpixel PureView but guess that's a little way off and you can wait forever. I like my 800 but really do want WP8

    1. James Hughes 1

      Re: OK, so that's my next phone sorted then

      Not going to happen in the near future - the 41MP sensor is too big for the current crop of SoC/GPU's/ISP's that run Windows. I'm biased, but I think the only GPU that supports a sensor this big is the Videocore4 (808 Pureview, RaspberryPi), and that doesn't support Windows.

  4. Dazed & Confused
    Thumb Up

    I'd probably buy it....

    if it came in yellow.

    I like thinner, lighter, better screen, better camera.

    But I don't like that anything other than a shade of grey is seen as childish - so they don't even give us the choice.

    I guess this will at least appeal to Audi and BMW (any colour as long as it's black) drivers....

    1. jason 7

      Re: I'd probably buy it....

      Yes whilst I'm an 'adult' I really liked the thought of owning a bright red or yellow phone.

      Sometimes one just has to give in to the inner child.

      Its just the SIM free price that puts me off.

      1. Alan 6

        Re: I'd probably buy it....

        My GF & I got a couple of Lumia 720's at the weekend. O2 only had them in black & red, I really wanted the red one but my GF is a Utd fan, so she grabbed the red one.

        It really is an excellent phone, and I'd like to see an Android or iPhone that can run from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning without needing a charge...

    2. Dazed & Confused

      Re: I'd probably buy it....

      I'm loving the fact that I'm getting so many thumbs down for simply having a personal preference!

      I just think it's sad that Nokia have removed colours as an option. Making a yellow or blue or red one would not suddenly invalidate the grey ones - but the consensus seems to be that less choice is better!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: I'd probably buy it....

        > I just think it's sad that Nokia have removed colours as an option.

        Not half as sad that Nokia have removed choice of operating systems as an option.

        (That's why you're getting your thumbs down, by the way.)

        1. JDX Gold badge

          Not half as sad that Nokia have removed choice of operating systems as an option.

          Please list one phone that has a choice of OS.

      2. The_Regulator

        The wireless charging plates you can attach to the back come in colouts.

      3. Darryl

        Re: I just think it's sad that Nokia have removed colours as an option

        Well, it IS thinner and lighter, so you could do the iPhone thing and get a plastic or rubber case in any colour you wanted... And I love that the AC after you is getting more downvotes for thinking that everyone's downvoting Nokia and WP8

    3. typeo

      I'd guess the wireless charging jacket will be available in different colours.

  5. Reality Dysfunction

    Full Metal Jacket?

    Not really when its only the surround that's metal and rest is polycarbonate... and only 1GB of RAM what were they thinking?

    1. Simbu

      Re: Full Metal Jacket?

      What's wrong with 1GB RAM? Comparing compute hardware specifications across platforms is meaningless. I want the best balance of power consumption and a smooth user experience. If the sweet spot for WP8 is 1GB then so be it.

      16GB outside of Vodafone is a bigger issue for me, especially given the encouragement to use that awesome camera.

    2. JDX Gold badge

      Re: Full Metal Jacket?

      That 1GB is enough for that OS?

      1. The_Regulator

        1gb ram is more than enough for wp8, I've been using 920 since launch in the US, its buttery smooth.

    3. Alan 6

      Re: Full Metal Jacket?

      1gb RAM is more than enough for a Winpho - my 720 only has 512mb and it's fine

    4. Alan 6

      Re: Full Metal Jacket?

      Why the downvotes just for pointing out that Windows Phone 8 runs just fine using a lot less RAM than 'droid phones need?

  6. Chairo

    It is running Windows 8?

    That is nice, it means it will be compatible with all this nice application software and legacy applications.

    Oh wait - did you mean Windows phone 8?

    1. Chairo

      Re: It is running Windows 8?

      Interesting, to be downvoted for pointing out, that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are two completely different worlds. The Microsoft fanboys didn't like to hear that? Unfortunately it's the truth. You have no real source level compatibility between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Additionally Windows Phone 8 puts you in a not so beautiful walled garden. The number of Apps still sucks and will probably continue to do so. On top of that, I doubt that you will get the chance to escape the garden by jailbreaking, as you would need someone competent to care enough about the OS to create the tools to do so.

      But go ahead - downvote what you don't want to hear.

      Btw: Please stop calling that phone OS "Windows 8", because it is not and will never be "Windows 8" - for obvious reasons.

      Oh one more thing - I don't doubt that it is a nice, sleek OS, that it has it's uses and everything. It might not be for me, but I don't claim to be market relevant. And as we all know the Amiga is much better than the Atari ST and will thrive forever...

      1. Sentient

        Re: It is running Windows 8?

        "You have no real source level compatibility between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8."

        Maybe not for the UI but you can share the Business Logic and for some apps you might get away with sharing the viewmodel. But that depends.

        In case you're really interested and not just trolling:

        And I read somewhere more and more APIs are being merged.

        1. Chairo
          Thumb Up

          @Sentient : Re: It is running Windows 8?

          Interesting, thanks for the link.

          If they can solve out the source compatibility issue to an extend that people can write apps for both, the desktop and the phone without too much trouble, it would be an enormous step forward for the platform.

          In such a case the move to TIFKAM might actually give them an edge instead of being a hindrance and it would pay off in the long run.

          They have to get their act together very soon, however. Nokia made some beautiful phones, lately, but they will need more than that to compete against Apple and Samsung. They will most of all need to keep a healthy income.

          I really, really wonder how a company with Microsoft's resources could make such a basic mistake. What kind of enormous screw-up happened to put them in such a situation?

  7. David Black

    Nice looking device, shame about the ecosystem.

  8. ArmyCrow

    Can't help but think...

    ... that the comment about the Windows OS being crap comes from someone who hasn't spent a great deal of time with it. Windows Phone 8 (or 7.8 that I currently have on my much loved Lumia 800) is intuitive and quick to respond. And doesn't it make a change from those oh-so-tiresome little squares from Apple and Android?

    As for the comment regarding RAM, the Windows OS has never needed masses of it to work like lightning so there's no point in putting more cost into the handset when it's not going to be utilised.

    So, assuming Apple and Android stick with their generic layouts, I'm sticking with a new Windows Handset when my contract expires in a year's time and, most likely, it'll be a trusty old Nokia.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Can't help but think...

      Of course they haven't used Windows Phone 8, they hate it Windows in all its many flavours as a matter of faith (or dogma) and so won't.

      They just haven't figured out that it's a self-defeating loop - now if they'd tried it for a while then they could say how much they dislike it with a clear conscience....

  9. Maharg


    Can this be expanded? If so its a yes, if no its a maybe, with such a great camera and so little space for photos, my music alone takes up 10GB on my current phone...

    1. Simon Harris Silver badge

      Re: 16GB?

      The Nokia site doesn't list any memory expansion in the 925's specifications

      so it looks like you're out of luck with expansion - all it suggests is 7GB of free SkyDrive storage as an external option.

    2. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: 16GB?

      It's got a sealed battery, so I suspect no SD card. It was the Lumia 820 that had the SD slot wasn't it? Seems pretty stupid in my opinion.

      At least when Apple make this decision it's so they can make you pay £200 to upgrade from 16GB to 64GB for yummy profits. I suppose deliberate evil is better than incompetent crapness...

      Most other manufacturers don't seem to want to give you more than 32GB. My music collection is 20GB, plus I like to listen to podcasts on the way to work. Storage is cheap, I'd love to stop carrying a separate mp3 player, but so far I've not found a phone that does it, at sensible cost.

  10. David Black

    round objects

    I've spent more than enough time (6m+) with it and the lack of an ecosystem is totally shit. Yes it makes a change, like taking a shit in your bed makes a change. It's a "nearly" OS and I'm sure it has its fans like the amstrad machines did back in the speccy vs c64 days.

    Can we please have an end to the drivel about "if you'd only tried it..." and "those who use it love it". I did, and I didn't. I own both an iphone and a few android devices and I can say that I don't feel any inclination to return to WP8 ever.

    1. Mark .

      Re: round objects


      It's a smartphone, not a rainforest. Let's have an actual specific criticism rather than marketing buzzspeak.

      1. David Black

        Re: round objects

        Sorry, I just assumed that most reg readers might understand the concept of an ecosystem around an OS.

        You can't and won't find the apps and support for your device that other owners of other OSes will. Things are slow to get to the device and the experience will not be great for a £500 phone and you may regret your choice due to such factors beyond the specifics of the device.

        Hope this helps. And I don't work in Marketing but was an Senior Engineering Manager at Nokia until recently.

        1. Mark .

          Re: round objects

          Well, I know the kind of thing that it's getting at, but it's more direct I feel to just say, e.g., applications or support. It's a word that only seemed to appear in the last few years, even though the concepts applied long before. And often I see the word thrown around with no clear indication of what is really being referred to.

          Maybe it's management speak rather than marketing speak then :)

    2. The_Regulator

      Please expand on totally shit, would like to get details from someone clearly as disgusted with it as you....

      1. David Black

        Sure... I just hate the fact the there's no real support in the wider app world for the devices. Just looking at the 20-30ish apps I have on my iphone then I only get 2 in the windows store and about 3 where I get the functionality online. None of my banking stuff, no BBC or Sky to watch the footie when I'm out, no ski tracker, no guitar tuner... just a snapshot of the things I can do with my iphone that I can't do with my Win Phone. There's just so much around the iOS and Android worlds and so much choice that removing it feels like reverting to a featurephone.

        I'm not disputing that the OS is "slick", "lasts for hours" or is "funky" but without all the other "stuff" and an engaged world, it just feels like you're always on the outside and missing out.

        And for the record, I've never used Instagram in my life and I hate the iphone but love the world that revolves around it.

        1. Yet Another Commentard

          This app ecosystem thing is interesting.

          I had a quick look out of idle curiosity. There are three guitar tuner apps (no idea if they work), too many ski tracker apps to count, bank apps for RBS and NatWest but not HSBC, Lloyds or Barlcays, no iPlayer (but several BBC news regurgitation a-la iOS things, and the BBC said in March it was "coming" with no date. IIRC it was some time arriving on iPad too), and no sky video, but some Sky News et al apps.

          So the message would seem to be that this late entrant with low market share is "improving" in the app store stakes; the snapshot given is about 60% correct for that user depending on his bank of choice (I assume he banks with a non-RBS group bank), but if the BBC pulled its finger out and they banked with RBS group it would be down to Sky only, so a 20% accurate snapshot. Of course, that may still be a dealbreaker.

          And, as ever, there is an XKCD for it all -

          It's not a defence of WindowsPhone, just the ecosystem isn't as rubbish as people think based on this snapshot.

          I neglected to see how many fart apps there were.

          1. The_Regulator

            As I keep trying to say as much as I can here the apps are arriving at a pretty good pace and it should be a matter of time until the playing field is more leveled (don't think it will ever be level as MS is starting from too far behind and don't have the support in numbers that ios/android have.)

            Just tired of seeing bashing for the sake of it by people with no clue what they are talking about.

            Issues here are legit and can't be argued.

        2. Mark .

          I agree it's a shame about wider app support.

          But let us not forget the fault lies with these companies, not with Nokia or MS. We should complain to the bank, BBC and Sky. We didn't put up with it when a company only supports the 90% of Windows (desktop) users, we shouldn't put up with it when a company only supports the 15-20% of iphone mobile users. The 1% of desktop Linux users rightfully complain if they're locked out of a service, so should the 10% of WP and BB users.

        3. The_Regulator

          BBC player now available for windows phone....

      2. The_Regulator

        How do I get down voted for asking someone to explain why they said something with nothing written to explain why they have that opinion....

    3. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: round objects

      You didn't like it. Fair enough. Others might. I don't think there's anything much wrong with the OS, it just makes different design choices to Android. It's horses for courses. A lack of ecosystem is no problem to people who don't want apps.

      I have to say though that I find it hard to justify the top-end Lumia's because of that. If you're shelling out £500 anyway, get an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy 4. With decent app stores. I upgraded from my Lumia 710 a few months ago, and the MS Marketplace was still pretty crap then. But the cheap handsets are nice, as long as you don't want to do anything that WP can't.

    4. Darryl
      Thumb Down

      Re: round objects

      Can we please have an end to the drivel about "I don't like it so it's totally shit"? And how does the selection of apps define the OS as a 'nearly' OS? Does that make iOS and Linux 'nearly' OSs too?

      So you can't post pics of your breakfast with the official Instagram app (yet). The app selection is growing steadily.

      1. Darryl

        Re: round objects

        Oops, I meant 'OS-X', not 'iOS'

      2. David Black

        Re: round objects

        Actually, I was just drawing attention to the fact that the world around the device is crappy. It should merit a mention, particularly when it really is the thing that makes a £500 smartphone really worthwhile.

        And yes, Linux is a "nearly" OS. I have no bad feelings toward Win Phone or other "nearly" OSes, just giving some feedback that many people may be disappointed with the experience, regardless of the device.

      3. JDX Gold badge

        Re: round objects

        One assumes ecosystem == appstore? But many smartphone users are not very interested in apps, it is not something we all consider the main use of our phones... I have a few but mainly it's the web-browser and email I use.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Great, but...

    I like Nokia, I like how they brought back the "design" aspects of owning a mobile phone, back in '04-'06 consumers had tons of choices of designs, then came the iPhone and it's monotone copy-cat products and everybody owned a model T.

    Now Lumia's features are great, but I'll buy one when they release an Android version. The inner geek cannot (and probably never will be able to) stand Microsoft.

    1. JDX Gold badge

      Re: Great, but...

      And the great thing is, you have the freedom of choice. It's your nose, if you want to cut it off nobody is going to stop you, or want to know about it.

  12. BigG

    Exclusive more memory version for Vodafone

    Sorry chaps - this is a complete turn-off.

  13. Ryan 7


    Seems like a strict downgrade from my trusty black 920.

  14. Ally 1

    I'll be honest. From my perspective an ecosystem is not too important. I have had an Android phone for the last couple of years and the amount of apps I've downloaded is negligible...under ten anyway. Of those I've used a couple regularly and some I have not used at all. Make calls, take good pics and browse quickly are my priorities.

    I would like to try the 925 to see how the Windows phone operates. At the moment my next phone is the HTC One, but I'd be open to persuasion

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nokia playing rich and poor?

    To me it is very surprising, that Nokia managed to pull ony one device in such press conference. And when Jo Harlow says that there will be a super summer of announcements, that just adds up. Nokia had most likely plan to introduce multiple devices in this Lumia event, but could not pull it off. I would not be surprised, if this was last Lumia Event headed by Harlow.

    So, now Nokia's fate as smart phone manufacturer lies on Lumia 920 and on better-design-lesser-features Lumia 925. When the price tag is slated to near 600 Euros mark including VAT, it could be tough terrain ahead for Nokia. If 925 fails to get traction on "Lumia 920 segment" on mobile operators, Nokia does not have a replacement device to that slot in the customer's portfolio (with same feature-price combination AND 2013 model). Nokia could offer 920, but with older model margins would be much thinner. If that would be choosen by the operator, I mean. And at the same time competitors are offering yet new and better features in the same price range, especially in Android ecosystem.

    Nokia could be no more in 2014. At least as a smartphone manufacturer.

    1. The_Regulator

      Try googling EOS by Nokia then see if you still feel this way. Nokia did announce at least one cool accessory as well today with the dash mount equipped with NFC.

      If they announce all phones at one event but aren't releasing some things for 6 months they would get crushed for talking about things too early ala frustration with the wait for the 920 last year.

      Which way would you like it??

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Nokia playing rich and poor?

      Nokia released the 928 in the US last week, and the 520 in the UK last month.

      Your prediction that "Nokia could be no more in 2014" doesn't carry much weight if you aren't even aware of what Nokia has released in the last month.

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