back to article Icahn and Southeastern try to hamstring Mike Dell's buyout bid

Investor Carl Icahn and fund Southeastern Asset Management have proposed an alternative to the Mike Dell-led buyout of Dell. In a letter to the PC firm's board, Icahn and Southeastern said they reckoned Dell shareholders should get the option to hang onto holding stock in Dell and take an additional $12 in shares or cash. The …


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  1. auburnman


    In what way can it be claimed that Dell is buying Dell from Shareholders "with their own money?"

    1. El Limerino

      Re: Confused

      Because that plan uses Dell's current cash pile to "buy out" current investors. Since it is Dell's cash, it is technically shareholders' money already.

  2. Steve Knox
    Thumb Down

    The right thing being

    The opposite of whatever Icahn wants.

    1. Nate Amsden

      Re: The right thing being

      I agree, someone needs to hurry up and shoot that guy before he kills any more companies

  3. Tom 35 Silver badge

    Would you like some cheese with that wine?

    If you think they are worth more then $13.65 per share go ahead and sell them for what you think they are worth.

    If you can find someone who will pay you more...

  4. plrndl

    Planet Earth Calling

    The PC market has died. Down 14% in a quarter is spectacular.

    The ideal that Dell can somehow change itself into a big, fat "enterprise services" company (not much competition there, eh?) is so daft, it beggars belief.

    Take the money and run.

  5. LinkOfHyrule

    Totally off topic but...

    ...when I saw the words Dell, Southeasten and bid, I thought for a moment Dell were putting in a bid to run the Southeastern rail franchise!

    I can just imagine it now, the Intel Inside jingle blasts from the PA system at Charring Cross station "Platform six for the 18.45 Dell Trains service to Tunbridge Wells, calling at bla bla bla etc.....customers requiring First Class accommodation, please upgrade to a first class carriage before checking out your order!"

    The livery of the trains will be quite cool too, Dell Standard black with big ass "Intel Inside" logos and signs on the side of the train saying "Dell Trains proudly powered by Windows 3.11"!

    Ding ding dong dong "We are sorry to announce that the 19.00 service to Gravesend is delayed due to a faulty motherboard!"

    It's Friday, urm I'll get me coat

  6. Daniel B.

    Hopefully they'll listen

    ... and do exactly what they should do ... the opposite of what Icahn tells them. I wonder why shareholders even listen this guy! He's not only destroyed entire companies, he's also screwed over other shareholders just to get his loads of money. Don't listen to him ... IT'S A TRAP!!!

  7. ecofeco Silver badge

    Everything but

    What the customer wants.

    And there's the problem right there.

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