back to article Bahrain 4G auction founders under deluge of legal action

The Kingdom of Bahrain should have completed its 4G auction by now, but instead the process has been kicked into touch following legal action from an excluded operator. The auction, cleverly titled "Post 3G" (PDF, slide deck with plenty of visuals), was announced last November and initally open to all, but lobbying from the …


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  1. ElNumbre
    Black Helicopters

    Jobs for the Boys

    Blimey, and I thought our government was into Cronyism.

  2. Psyx

    Our nation is positively saintly in the world scheme of things and international backsheesh standards, in my experience.

    In this country, one would not dream of pressing a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label into the hands of a traffic policeman or minor civil service in order to avoid a speeding fine or to get a visa processed.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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