back to article QLogic: 3 words - caching SAN adapter. Just blew your mind, didn't we?

QLogic has announced its transparent adapter-based flash caching aimed at accelerating applications that access a SAN for data. FabricCache is the first product implementation of its Mount Rainier technology and, as well as adding a flash cache to QLogic's Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), it shares that cache between clustered …


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  1. Justin Stringfellow
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    actually no

    write through cacheing = mind not blown.

    Fitting a server card with a fan on it doesn't appeal. Should be passively cooled, and let the server fans (which will be more easily replaceable) do the work.

    No mention here, or on Qlogic's website of OS driver support either.

    1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

      Re: actually no

      I agree - was talking with Qlogic recently on this - I thought their write back caching product was coming earlier this year but I guess it's coming at some point in the future. With our workload of 92% write, accelerating reads isn't going to do me any good. Our reads are already cached in memory (database caches etc).

    2. CheesyTheClown

      Re: actually no

      I would say this card is an excellent example of way too little too late. Beside the points you made, let's focus on the fact that this card is of minimal advantage without making fabric upgrades for 8gb/s FC. After all, you buy switches and directors when you build the cluster. So you don't generally have a pile of unused 8gb/s ports laying around unused. When you upgrade the HBAs, you will also upgrade the fabric. There's no real advantage of replacing HBAs unless you're upgrading hosts and maybe directors as well.

      So, if you're going to upgrade, who the heck would even care about pure FC when CNAs are far more cost effective at this time? I can't even begin to think about who the target market for these are.

  2. Bert 1

    Won't touch 'em

    Had a card fail to discover they don't do advance replacement as standard warranty. OK, my fault for not checking, but they refused to budge at any price.

    My only options were to purchase another card, or manage without a server for 3 weeks while the broken card shipped to the US and back.

    I bought another card, just a different brand :-)

    They are NOT enterprise class, and as per the title, I won't touch 'em with a barge pole.

    1. Justin Stringfellow

      Re: Won't touch 'em

      Interestingly their website says:

      " *QLogic requires a minimum one-year service program with each 10000 Series Adapter purchased. No warranty is included. "

      Is it not illegal to sell stuff without a 1 year warranty (UK) / 2 year warranty (EU) ? Or did I mis-brain this fact?

    2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

      Re: Won't touch 'em

      that's why you buy from HP/Dell/IBM/etc with their support structure ? so they provide you with the advanced replacement, or on site replacement ?

      Last year I had HP replace every single HP NC523SFP 10GbE Qlogic NICs that had a manufacturing defect. Took a while to get the new NICs since they were trying to keep it on the low down they did not have supply to meet demand but eventually we got them and HP installed them (did a good job too with 11 cables per server, even I would of incorrectly plugged something in at least once and they did not miss anything).

      1. Justin Stringfellow

        Re: Won't touch 'em

        label your cables. At install time, really.

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