back to article Georgia Tech proposes terabit NFC antenna

A group from Georgia Tech is hoping to build a micro-scale graphene antenna that would support terabit – or even hundred-terabit – radio communications. Why micro-scale? Because the researchers are looking at handling radio waves that in the terahertz range, getting close to the far infrared, where the wavelengths involved are …


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  1. Ragequit

    Not mentioned...

    is one of the applications of 100 Tbps with such a short range. I read elsewhere they are considering it for use in communications between cores on a processor. Limiting or possibly negating the need for a bus to glue everything together. Sounds like an interesting idea, but I'm concerned that the effective range at which you could listen to such communications might be found to be longer than previously thought. Opening the way up for the ultimate side channel attack against a machine as it would possibly lay bare the entire contents of the chips cache over the air.

  2. frank ly Silver badge

    Just wondering

    "... a baseband frequency of around 75 terahertz, which seems to The Register reasonable enough to transmit 100 Tbps"

    I'm not familiar with modern modulation methods, but isn't this very optimistic?

  3. Philius

    Additional references

  4. hplasm Silver badge

    How about

    An orbiting THz telescope? Might be interesting stuff to see (not just alien videos...).

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