back to article Australian Bureau of Meteorology apps to map future rain

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) will this month start to place third-party advertising on its websites and is also on track to produce its own apps later in 2013 and appears set to equip them with technology that maps future rainfall. The BoM last year won Budget funding to enhance its website to take ads, a measure …


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  1. P. Lee

    But why?

    Isn't it all tax-payer funded?

    Why do you want to switch your customers from being tax payers to being corporate sponsors?

    oh wait, I see...

  2. Martin Budden Bronze badge

    Is the public service allowed to show third-party ads?

    In general, the rules about Australia's public service remaining impartial are very strict. I'm very surprised that even the mere suggestion of third-party ads has been allowed.

    If the ads do go ahead, will they be vetted, or will we see ads by big tobacco and big mining spouting their propaganda?

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    It'll be insurance ads. Thank fuck for Adblock..

    1. Steven Roper
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      Thank fuck for Adblock indeed

      My first thought on reading the article was that I probably wouldn't notice that they'd introduced ads. It does a very good job not only of blocking ads, but also of not leaving any evidence (like white spaces) that there were any ads to be blocked!

  4. Wombling_Free

    The Austfailian Govmint. Leading the world in FAIL technology.

    Sharemarket, housing prices, the fortunes of mining magnates and career criminals rose sharply today after the government announced wide-ranging plans to privatize all aspects of the public service including the Bureau of Meteorology, the Austfailian Defence Farce, the Bureau of Farmin', Minin' Shootin', Drinkin', Bettin', Fuckin', Rootin' & Circle-Workers, the Department of Jingoism & Sports Sponsorship and the Upper and Lower Houses. Speaking today from COKEanberra, Prime Minister T. Abbott said while boarding his private jet bound for the traditional Austfailian protectorate of Majorca "This is a great day for all APPLEustfailians. From today, this glorious NISSANation will finally have the rulers it has always deserved - ultra-wealthy foreigners. So long, SUCKERS!"

This topic is closed for new posts.

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