back to article VMware sharpens axe for PCs: Horizon boxset brings Windows to iPads

After eighteen months of hints, VMware has unveiled the final version of its “Horizon Suite” end-user computing stack. VMware has wanted more of a desktop presence for years, shelling out for Zimbra in 2010 in the hope enterprises liked the idea of webified email and calendars operating within their own data centres. Zimbra's …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh VMware

    Anyone who wants Windows on an iPad has in my opinion not spent much time using an iPad. Apple are succesful with their tablets because they didn't try to crowbar everyone's existing crap into a new form factor, and trying to do so will ruin the whole thing that made them good. If you want a laptop BUY A FUCKING LAPTOP!

    1. GitMeMyShootinIrons

      Re: Oh VMware

      You rather miss the point. You do realise that this is actually about accessing a remote virtual desktop (View), rather than actually running Windows on an iPad?

      This is about the ability to access applications and data regardless of platform and (believe it or not) has its uses. It obviously isn't that bad an idea - VMware aren't the only ones who do this, such as Citrix.

      1. Lusty

        Re: Oh VMware

        And you missed my point (yes, I know all of that and have known it for months, working for a VMware partner).

        Apps and data are already available on the iPad in a form which takes advantage of the form factor. Using crowbar technology to cram existing apps into it just because it's trendy does not help anyone and users generally hate it. This is like putting a steering wheel on a motorbike just because people like one in their car. A good endpoint expert will explore the use cases in the business and recommend technology to suit. A poor one will try to give users the same experience wherever they go because "users are too stupid". The reality is that iPad and other tablets have taken off because users are in fact not too stupid, and BYOD started because they were bringing them to work and using them for work. All this before we turned them into dumb terminals for a Windows session which is impossible to use productively due to the touch interface.

        1. Volker Hett

          Re: Oh VMware

          And just half an hour ago I fixed something on a windows 2k8r2 Server using an iPad in a pub.

          1. Lusty

            Re: Oh VMware

            What do you want, a cookie?

  2. Victor 2


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