back to article 'Strong basis' to claims Nominet board breached duties - legal top gun

Directors of UK domain-name registry Nominet have come under fire from a group of Nominet members who have also threatened to take legal action against the board. The group commissioned a legal opinion in connection to claims that certain recommended changes to the non-profit's governance had been deleted from an "independent" …


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  1. Drew 11

    "Registry's members hire barrister in row over running of UK's web overseer"

    WEB overseer?

    Is this TheRegister jumping the shark?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "While some would prefer us to continuously re-examine the events of several years ago, Nominet remains focused on delivering a great service and exploring the opportunities ahead."


    "We lied and cheated in the past, but let's gloss over that."

  3. Hazel Pegg

    Hazel Pegg

    I am one of those who supported the call for an EGM but I did not (nor was I asked to) support using company funds to sue the registry's board of directors.

  4. Metrognome

    We commissioned the investigation...

    ...thereby we will decide whether to accept it or not.

    And if we don't like the findings, well, we'll just discredit the author and the report.

    Leonid Brezhnev would be proud

  5. Clyde

    WTF is up at Nominet ?

    Actually I like Nominet, dealing with the .uk domains is fairly straightforward, and affordable. They don't come across (at ground level) as shafters or conmen.

    But for the last couple of years there has been one controversy after another.

    I really would like to know who's the good guys and who's the baddies here.

    1. CharlieMark

      Re: WTF is up at Nominet ?

      Clyde. I suspect there are no goodies or baddies here. There are obviously two opposing views for sure and the 210 quoted here are conducting a vigorous campaign on the Nominet Forums and the Internet as they maintain that there is a case to be answered by some of the Nominet board as to how a past Employment Tribunal was conducted. It is tricky for many people (myself included) on the outside of this to know where to hang their hat. So often it comes down to trust. For my part I still trust Nominet and believe that the .uk namespace is in a safe pair of hands.

      1. Hazel Pegg

        Re: WTF is up at Nominet ?

        There are at least two groups, and possibly more. One group (the 210) indicated that they would support the call for an EGM. Another group (of which I am not a member) is investigating using company funds to take legal action against one or more directors.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: WTF is up at Nominet ?

      Nominet: goodies or baddies? - not proven either way but I have personal experience of their damaging incompetence and not just historical, as recent as 2012.

      And their handling of the "consultation" in respect of the possible change to allow (i.e. without the .co) - they have the contact details for all registrants - interesting that they didn't see fit to use that to alert registrants to the consultation.

      Why? Because the beneficiaries will be Nominet and the registrars, the losers will be registrants. If registrants were aware of the consultation it might come back with the "wrong" answers. And just in case any registrants did find out about the consultation it was worded so as to disguise just how much is going to cost and the risk to the existing registrant of

      Look out for an expensive sunrise period, hopefully not as (allegedly) fraudulently managed as the .eu sunrise followed by a slightly less expensive landrush. If you were the owner of and didn't get in then someone else could and will ransom you for it or use it to steal your web traffic.

      1. CharlieMark

        Re: WTF is up at Nominet ?

        "Anonymous Coward"

        Not sure how this relates to the issue in the report?

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