back to article Will Michael Dell become the Marlboro man of the PC age?

The mooted Dell takeover, the one to take it private again, is now happening. The big question is why? Why come off the public markets to operate as a private company again? The obvious and logical answer here being that the people buying the company think they can make more money this way than by not doing it. Why do they …


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  1. xehpuk

    Hopefully he has a plan

    For most cases a company shall stick to its core business. Start new companies to go into new markets. But if you have a great new idea and enough money. Then buying an existing company can make it a lot easier to reach your goal. So I hope for him that he has ideas. Milking an existing market is perfectly compatible with stock market.

  2. Karl H

    I reckon Dell could invest

    in software simulating a Big Blue Robot smoking woodbines, proving that woodbines don't give Robots lung cancer.

    I reckon they could even get a government grant for such useful research .

This topic is closed for new posts.

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