back to article Car dashboards get Nokia HERE without a phone in sight

Nokia's recently rebranded mapping platform HERE will be slipped in front of the wheel on Toyota cars from next year, staking a claim in the next mobile battleground. The deal with Toyota only covers vehicles in Europe, Russia and the Middle East, for the moment, but should see cars packing Nokia's maps, and location-based …


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  1. Oli 1

    finally some choice!

    i wondered how long it would take for this sort of dash to be put into cars.

    Think its been almost 7 years since i first hooked up an original xbox with XBMC to a 7" screen in the dash.

    Still, i bet this offering or the google one will look and feel a damn site better!

  2. Andrew Peake

    I can't help but think of

    The Satnav sketch in the Armstrong and Millar show

  3. JimmyPage Silver badge

    where it's going

    a standard car/phone interface, so people can plug their phone of choice into their car of choice ?

    1. Thecowking

      Re: where it's going

      Google Mirrorlink, it's already there.

      Well it's a standard to let you do that anyway, more mirroring display and piping sound. It's a VNC connection between a car and a phone.

      1. Kristian Walsh Silver badge

        Re: where it's going

        The standard is called just "Mirrorlink". It's not Google's invention, but rather a cross-industry standard, based on Nokia's original "Terminal Mode" connection system. First implementation was on Symbian, then Android.

        iPhone can also connect if you write an app that embeds the libraries, but there's no OS support. Windows Phone, I don't know, but I guess it's coming, as Nokia were such a major player in the standard.

        1. Thecowking

          Re: where it's going

          Google was a verb there, the imperative.

          Mirrorlink is from the ccc.

  4. ratfox Silver badge

    Peer review the next big thing

    I have very very little confidence in these reviews. They already suffer of massive spamming, and you are left to wonder what to trust. And reviews from my friends are even worse, because my friends have a shitty taste.

    1. sam bo

      Re: Peer review the next big thing

      " because my friends have a shitty taste."

      Really ? Do you lick them or bite them ? Or did you mean, your friends do not have good taste ?

  5. Horridbloke

    Location-based advertising?

    In a CAR? Seriously? That would be one of the worst ideas ever wouldn't it?

  6. Pen-y-gors Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Expected lifetime?

    Bad move - electronic gadgetry tends to have an expected lifetime of a few years, then people plan to upgrade, Cars (should) have lifetimes of 10-15 years minimum. So will the these electronic gadgets built into cars still be working and supported in 15 or 20 years? The electrics and fancy bits in my 20-year-old 944 were all working fine (until the rust sadly got it)

    1. Tom 35 Silver badge

      Re: Expected lifetime?

      I often see expensive cars (Lexus and such) with a normal satnav and built in satnav. Users say it's because the map update costs more then a new satnav and they are still not very good.

      Once you have a built in satnav you are locked in for new maps.

      1. Giles Jones Gold badge

        Re: Expected lifetime?

        What's the solution though?

        You need for the motor manufacturers to agree some sort of in-built computer standard and screen standard. But this can be a bit too limiting as standards move along very slowly due to the committees needing to agree on every little detail.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Mandated? You must be kidding!

    MANDATED that your car can tattle on you? Because that what putting a cell modem in the car means. It won't just be phoning in when the airbags deploy, it will be constantly telling the towers where it is (because that is how cellular works - it cannot wait until it needs to make a call to check in), and I'll bet a week's salary that it will be able to dump all the ODB-II data over to the cell network on demand as well, so they can check up on how fast you are driving (and likely work out how many people are in the car, based upon engine load and suspension data). Likely they will also require the system to be able to shut the car down remotely, as well.

    I don't dispute that having the ability to make a call on a collision is a good thing - but what is wrong with my car using my existing phone, and making the call be a proper emergency call, which will notify me (by my phone playing the "emergency call in progress" tone) that it is happening. That way, if I am *not* sucking air-bag, I can ask "OK car, why for are you making a phone call?"

    That is one of the reasons I WILL NOT buy a GM car here in the US - you have to fight like hell to NOT have OnStar installed by default.

    1. NeilMc

      Re: Mandated? You must be kidding!

      As a previous contributor said what happens to the built in tech when rust inevitably starts eating away at the car and water starts fusing the electrics?

      Where will the inbuilt SatNag send you when adverts become the driving force behind the recommended route it suggests, yeah Google we have seen where you are going with this.........

      What happens when a hacker or pissed off employee corrupts the SatNag and dumbed down drivers just follow the SatNag's directions slavishly off the eadge of the nearest cliff like Lemmings!!!!!!

      As the lord god that is Clint Eastwood says "this is a cluster fluck" waiting to happen

      1. davidp231

        Re: Mandated? You must be kidding!

        "What happens when a hacker or pissed off employee corrupts the SatNag and dumbed down drivers just follow the SatNag's directions slavishly off the eadge of the nearest cliff like Lemmings!!!!!!"

        Current SatNavs already have a habit of doing this, and that's without user intervention. Sending 18 wheeler trucks down country farm lanes and getting stuck. Or telling you to take the next left in its journey plan, and sending you straight into a multistorey car park gate, and totalling your motor - as happened to a famous figure I met a few years ago.

  8. annodomini2

    They using a '65 Stingray for the ad's?

  9. taxman

    The Toyota Aygo

    already has a TomTom package in it with a removable flip up unit on the dash!

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