back to article Citrix morphs from Windows app virtualizer to all app mobilizer

In its last quarter Citrix has blasted past analyst expectations and produced a very healthy set of results and predicting that revenues will hit the $3bn mark for the year. A decade ago, Citrix Systems was a Windows app virtualizer that existed largely at the mercy of Microsoft even though it has plenty of clever technology. …


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  1. El Limerino

    CloudStack maths not looking good

    The "more production clouds" claim seems to be fuzzy maths. If CloudStack has about 100 customers, how can it possibly have more production clouds than VMware, which has nearly 200 production public clouds on vCloud Director alone (if the list at is accurate). That isn't counting any production private clouds VMware has sold. Or maybe every CloudStack customer has 10 production clouds?

    In the cloud division, if revenue is $156m up 51%, that meant roughly $55m in growth on just over $100m base. $20m growth came from new acquisition Bytemobile (by definition new revenue). The other $35m? Well, that could have come from the 38% growth in Netscaler. That would mean Netscaler revenue had been the entirety of the $100m cloud division revenue, which means CloudStack contributed pretty much $0.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'Handholder' here...

    Thanks for denigrating my job!

    I guess yours could be generously described as 'press release formatter' ;-).

  3. DigiTime

    Lots of money...

    Don't get me wrong, I love Citrix's products, when they are working!

    However, maybe Citrix could chuck some of it towards their Support Desk, the support my company receives is getting worse by the day!

    They also need to update all documentation, and training courses across their product range. While they are at that, they also need to train their SE's on all of their products with this new material. I can't remember the number of times we've had a "Citrix" SE turn up and not know the product inside-and-out.

    I've had a feeling for a while now that Citrix was moving away from being a Technically lead company to a Commercially lead company, and after reading this article; I am more convinced... Not entirely a bad thing, but if you are producing "cutting edge" technology, you need to be able to support it from start to finish!

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