back to article Game off: No end to official China console ban

Rumours earlier this week that China was about to overturn a long-standing ban on the sale of gaming consoles appear to have been premature, after the government apparently denied it was planning to lift the ban. A source at the Ministry of Culture had told state-run paper the China Daily that it was “reviewing the policy” and …


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  1. Katie Saucey

    "...banning the manufacture and sale gaming gear."

    Does Foxconn, Flextronics and pals out-outsource their xbox, ps3, etc contracts? or should it say "..manufacture for domestic sale.."?

  2. I think so I am?
    Black Helicopters

    There is one word

    that in general encapsulates china's dict-government - "hypocrites"

    1. Psyx

      Re: There is one word

      "that in general encapsulates china's dict-government - 'hypocrites' "

      As opposed to our own shining beacons of moral light...

  3. cyke1


    Made their to sell outside the country, made there to sell there not a chance. Ya gotta wonder how many of those consoles disappear off the production line every week?

  4. MrXavia

    why should they cancel the ban when they are already dealing with a pandemic of gaming addicts...

    Although I've never understood why the chinese government cares if people kill themselves wasting money on things like games.

    1. Gordon Stewart

      "they are already dealing with a pandemic of gaming addicts..."

      Reference please

      1. TwistUrCapBack

        google it

        references everywhere

        1. Gordon Stewart

          Re: google it

          I've seen plenty about South Korea... don't remember seeing anything relating to China

  5. Long Fei


    You know, I've lived in China for 11 years and I never realized these were banned. Possibly because I'm not a console fan, but also because any large IT mall here has them for sale. Though now I think on it, not so many as I'd have expected.

    Several of my friends bought Wii's about five years ago, when they were all the rage. Easily obtainable.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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