back to article EMC polishes up entry-level VMAX for biz types

EMC has revved up its entry-level VMAX 10K system with faster processors, a new Enginuity version and the addition of Federated Storage Tiering and cold data compression, among other goodies. The VMAX 10K sits above the VMAXe, the low-end VMAX, and forms the first rung on the mainstream enterprise array VMAX ladder which has …


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  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    what is a controller?

    in VMAX world? is that an engine ? because the spec sheet on EMC's site says VMAX 40k tops out at 8 engines (same number as the original VMAX if I recall right)

    Maybe you mean 8/16/32 physical CPUs ? because if each engine has 4 cpus and there are 8 then that would be 32 I think..


     Four six-core 2.8 GHz Intel® Xeon® processors

     Up to 256 GB of cache memory

     Virtual Matrix bandwidth: 50 GB/s

     PCIe® Gen 2 I/O interconnect


     Eight VMAX 40K engines

     2 TB of cache memory

     Virtual Matrix bandwidth: 400 GB/s

    1. tom 99

      Re: what is a controller?


      1 engine = 2 directors = 2 controllers

      8 engines equals 16 directors (16 physical controllers).

      Each 40k director may have up to 12 cores. Thus max config for VMAX 40k is 192 cores.

      1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

        Re: what is a controller?

        ok thanks, so the original article meant to say 32 cpus (*6 cores =192 of course), rather than 32 controllers. so 40k has max of 16 controllers each dual socket hex core..

        1. J.T

          Re: what is a controller?

          Pretty pictures to explain:

  2. J.T

    The VMAX 10K doesns't sit above the VMAXe, it is the VMAXe. When EMC did a enginuuity refresh with the 76 code, because they made it completely backward compatible with older VMAX, instead of calling it a VMAX2 they rebranded the old VMAXe the VMAX 10k and the existing VMAX became the VMAX 20K.

    So entry level 10K

    Old VMAX is now 20K

    New "hotness" 40K

    The 40K have the processors with additional cores (dedicated to back end) and you cannot get the 2.5 inch drive cabinets with the 20k.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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