back to article This photo slide scanner costs €60... The bundled malware? That's free

German firm Tchibo has admitted to selling a photographic slide scanner that came pre-packaged with malware. The €60 (£48) 35mm slide scanner, sold by retail outlets and through Tchibo's online store, and manufactured by electronics accessory maker Hama, was infected with the infamous Conficker worm. In an advisory to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    if you're going to infect PC's then infect em with something original...Conficker is so last decade...

    1. Mostly_Harmless Silver badge

      Re: Strewth,

      It's a scanner for photo slides - they're so last century

      1. Chemist

        Re: Strewth,

        "It's a scanner for photo slides - they're so last century"

        Indeed they are and I wouldn't be parted from the freedom my Canon 550D gives me. However if you've never seen a quality slide esp. 2.25" square blown up to 4m * 4m they you haven't seen a photographic image.

        1. HamsterNet

          Re: Strewth,

          and don't know the EPIC BOREDOM of slid shows

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: Strewth,

            it's a matter of opinion. I miss slides, and so do my friends. There's no magic in watching digital photos, all 10 billion of them, on a computer screen. Even as "large" as 27 inch or so.

            1. JEDIDIAH

              Re: Strewth,

              > it's a matter of opinion. I miss slides, and so do my friends. There's no magic in watching digital photos, all 10 billion of them, on a computer screen. Even as "large" as 27 inch or so.


              This is 2013. Display them on your telly. Buy an Apple streamer if you have to.

              There's really no reason to be limited to a 27 inch monitor anymore.

              1. I_am_Chris

                Re: Strewth,

                er... at best you're only going to see the same no. of pixels, only larger. At worst you'll see fewer, larger pixels.

                TVs are limited to 1920x1080. lots of monitors have a higher resolution.

              2. Anonymous Coward

                Re: Display them on your telly...

                Why, would they look better on an old CRT thing that is smaller than my PC monitor?

        2. My Alter Ego
          Thumb Up

          Re: Strewth,

          Indeed, my sister used to use slide film a great deal. Some of her photos, especially the black & white ones were stunning. Then again, it helps if you're capable of taking a decent photo in the first place! The best photos I've ever taken have been purely by chance.

        3. Chemist

          Re: Strewth,

          Just to flesh-out the comment. The slide I'm thinking about was taken by a Hasselblad, from Pra Gra which is high above a glacial trench near Arolla in the Valais, Switzerland. I've since stood at the same spot and the slide captured it perfectly. Unfortunately I didn't !

          A quick search found me a view but not the magnificent slide I remember projected in a large hall.

        4. JEDIDIAH

          Re: Strewth,

          > However if you've never seen a quality slide esp. 2.25" square blown up to 4m * 4m they you haven't seen a photographic image.

          Meh. Just use a video projector. Plug it into your WMC box if you have too.

          1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

            Re: Strewth,

            That will be that new 36Mpixel video projector will it?

          2. Chemist

            Re: Strewth,

            "Just use a video projector. Plug it into your WMC box if you have too"

            You have certainly never seen a quality slide at huge projection - it's never forgotten.

            BTW -all Linux here, mate, what is this WMC you speak of ?

          3. Mike H.

            Re: Strewth,

            you so miss the point.

            1. Rampant Spaniel

              Even 4k TV's are only 8mp, a decent 120 6x7 (depending on the emulsion and technique) can yield 3-4000dpi or over 100mp and thats all 3 colours at each pixel, not 1/3rd like a bayer sensor, compare that to a d800, the highest medium format digital is an true 80mp bayer.

              Don't get me wrong, digital is awesome for delivering great quality quickly and economically but film can still deliver better tonal range and significantly higher detail. Both have their place but medium format slides projected will easily appear better than displaying something at 2-8mp on TV's or monitors (eizo do a decent 4k monitor).

              That being said, it won't be found on 35mm scanned on a cheap ass scanner. A nikon coolscan 5000 or 9000 (for 120) is pretty much the entrypoint where scan and print begins to match wet print. The epson v500&v700 ranges don't really resolve over 1800-2200dpi which is a shame.

      2. Lars Silver badge

        Re: Strewth,

        Yes, true enough, but I have a lot of them I would like to scan without loosing the quality.

        Anybody who could recommend one (not too expensive).

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Re: Strewth,

          Well, you get what you pay for but my epson perfection scaner is extremely good...

          1. Lars Silver badge

            Re: Strewth,

            Thanks cornz 1. I have to look at the Epson range of scanners. Very pleased with my Epson multi, this and that, printer. Had some problems making it work with linux and sent an e-mail to them. The answer was that they do not support linux at all. Some googling an everything was OK. As the range of Epson scanners is very large would you tell us the model you consider good.

            The reason I ask is that I have read so many very negative reviews about the quality of various scanners.

            You get what you pay for is true of course.

            There are those who, for odd reasons, understand that slides are "old", which is true of course, my oldest from 1963, then again, I think old Hasselblad cameras are still used and have lost nothing in value over the years among professionals.

            1. Ted Treen

              Re: Strewth,


              Buy a dedicated slide scanner from eBay. If its software is missing/out of date etc., use VueScan (versions for Mac, Windoiws and Linux) which supports most scanners - new & old!.


              I use VueScan with my Nikon Coolscan and it's superior to the Nikon software the scanner came with. - I have no connection, other than a very satisfied user.

              I've been using Macs & Photoshop for over 20 years now, but I STILL shoot on Fujichrome with my two Nikon F4s bodies and the F801s I picked up for £20 a few months ago...

              I bought my Coolscan V new some years ago, and wouldn't part with it.

            2. Martin an gof Silver badge

              Re: Strewth,

              Would just like to second the recommendation of the Epson Perfection. I have a V700 which has holders suitable for 35mm slides (12 at a time) and various sizes of film (if your strips are cut suitably you could potentially scan 24 35mm negatives in one go). The Epson software on the Mac is ok but does sometimes have problems auto-detecting frames. Have only used it under OSX so can't comment on other OSes.

              And as for projected slides... yes a bit of a faff to set up, but I've used some *very* nice video projectors as part of my job and there is just no contest at all. Unless the slides have faded ;-)


      3. TkH11

        Re: Strewth,

        I have 35mm slides going back 20 years, and some on Fuji Velvia 50. Some have been scanned and people are amazed at how good a quality they are. Don't assume that digital is always better.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Isn't that something old people use a projector for?

      1. Andus McCoatover

        Re: Slides

        Yep, and as an old git, I was pleased to see what I believed to be was a photo of the fondly missed Moderatrix. Made me want to rush out and buy a scanner....but I'm on the dole and I can't find my glasses (Could've been Mrs. Brown, from "Mrs. Browns' boys for all I can see....)

        Pint to the Modeatrix, if she still reads this drivel.

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  3. The Alpha Klutz

    and if thats not bad enough

    wait till you see how shit the scans look

  4. koolholio

    Vira-catalogorically speaking

    Are you sure it had the "apparent" Conficker-B infection in the DCIM.exe (backdoor.GENERIC) and Autorun (Downadup.B) files?

    Given the vmx in the sys restore is infected under what appears to be a SERVICE SID... with Conficker.K variant?

    Since some antiviruses have been known to report false positives, purely for certain MD5 checksums...

    And the machine appears to have a newer variant? are you sure the machine isnt infected itself? or its an extremely mis-matching virus scan/signature?

  5. nuked
    Thumb Up

    "Normally the problem stems from an infected computer passing on the pox during the manufacturing or testing process."

    Bahahaha. Sure.

    1. southpacificpom

      Well those infected computers should be fitted with condoms.

  6. stizzleswick

    The interesting thing, though...

    ...would be knowing whether the identical HAMA devices, which have been pushed during the last half year by the likes of Saturn and Media Markt, are also impacted?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Many bundled apps are just like malware

    They promise the world but end up being fronts for spending more money/upgrading.

    Limited Edition versions are just that: Limited.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't knock slides!

    The colours

    The depth

    The clarity

    The good old days.

  9. Allan George Dyer Silver badge

    I've gone all nostalgic

    It all comes back to me, the darkened sitting room, the awkward erection of the screen, fiddling with the projector, the focus all wrong... corrected. The satisfying clicks as the changer inserts each new slide on the click of the remote control (well.. the control on a 6 foot grey cable), the frustration of the big carousel jamming.

    The joys of youth. Yes, the specs are rose-tinted.

    1. david 63

      Re: I've gone all nostalgic

      Worse than this. I used to run multiple slide projectors for big banking presentations for a multinational. No one told me the QA slides had been dropped and put back in the carousel at random. So the QA man gets up and does a big spiel about getting thing right first time, nods at me to fire up his slides. First slide:

      Thank you for you attention. Any Questions?

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      2. Simon Harris Silver badge

        Re: I've gone all nostalgic

        At least it wasn't back-to-front!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I've gone all nostalgic

      The words "awkward erection" rather stood out there. Fnarr. (Yes, I have the mind of a 12 year old.)

  10. ScottME

    Who still runs Windows?

    Oh, you do? Well, can't say I'm surprised that you get infected with malware.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My Kids just love slide shows.

    We have them several times a year, by order of the cheap seats.

    I used to pull the lighting fuses and tell them it was a power cut, until they worked out that the projector needed power...

    SIt in the dark looking at Kodachromes of my yoof. My kids (and missus) think it was one endless adventure of mountains, icebergs, sailing, caving and so on. The best part of Kodachrome is that is was so bloody expensive you didn't waste it on the boring and forgettable parts of life!

    Almost makes me want to get my boots on and head for the hills again. Of course it never rained in those days, and it appears snow came out of clear blue sunny skies.

    Interesting that my kids have no interest at all in looking at digital photos on a nice monitor, and never bother.

    They will however sit for a couple of hours trolling through the old paper photos which run from my fathers time, though to their own first 4 years.

  12. Eclectic Man

    Legal position?

    There is usually a clause in the software lcence to the effect that the user absilves the supplier of any adverse concequences of the software either not doing what it is suppoesed to, or actually doing harm to the user's system. So if malware is 'bundled in' with any product, I wonder what the actual legal position is.

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