back to article Aussies in 'don't understand location services, just use them' shock!

The most frequent users of mobile location services are the most clueless, according to research conducted for Australia’s telecommunications and media regulator. The Australian Communications and Media Authority research found that “high frequency” users of the services “were less likely to display an understanding of the …


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  1. Thorne


    No shit Sherlock. The reason Apple is so popular with the plebs is that they don't need to play with the setup.

    99% of users never go into settings and pick the default settings when asked. They don't read the screen and just hit OK

    If privacy is a concern, get the manufacturer to have it turned off by default. Currently they make more money when it's not.

  2. jake Silver badge

    Uh, duh?

    One wonders why the ACMA didn't start with the obvious, and then move on with suggestions to fix the obvious problem of clueless idiots using technology beyond their comprehension ... but then I realized it was a government agency, just as clueless as the users, but with a bigger budget.

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