back to article hires data-handling privatisation point man as CTO

The Cabinet Office has promoted its ICT futures wonk - Liam Maxwell - to the role of chief technology officer. He will serve under Government Digital Services (GDS) boss Mike Bracken, who oversees the development of the GOV.UK website, which recently replaced NuLabour's Directgov. In what appears to be a significant shake-up …


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  1. IT Hack

    Strategic Shift?

    So this would be a "strategic shift" so commercial organisations can data mine our private information?

    Errr frankly fuck off.

    Pint as a last toast to anything sensible ever happening ever again.

  2. Bluenose

    Private Enterprise Identity Assurance

    Whatever makes the Govt think that the majority of the population would be happy letting private businesses manage our private information? I may use Facebook and Yahoo but the idea I would let them store my sensitive personal information which they can then share with the Govt (without my agreement under the new Data Communications Act and RIPA no doubt) is a none starter from my perspective.

    Is this whole policy based on jealousy of the way the US govt can get access to all kinds of citizen data from private companies without the need for court orders or any form of oversight whatsoever?

  3. bitwise

    What the...?

    How does the data being in private hands mean we have more control over it ... this is insanity ..!

  4. Tim Parker


    "If the costs of storing information by Government is of several orders of magnitude greater than the industry then the case for privatisation of this service is compelling." about..

    "If the costs of storing information by Government is of several orders of magnitude greater than the industry then the case for getting rid of the idiots that designed this service and replacing them with someone with half a clue and a pulse is compelling."

    1. xyz

      Re: Correction know them well. It doesn't matter who you appoint and to how many CTOs he speaks every gov IT dept there is a team of pension huggers dug in like ticks on a terrier and dedicated to doing eff all in the longest possible time.

  5. h3

    Surely it would be cheaper to just extend something that already exists (Passport / Driving License).

    The only other one I trust really is my bank (They already know everything about me and have 2 factor authentication.)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      UK.GOV Identity Assurance (IdA)

      IdA will require you to use your _bank's_ credentials to access UK public services on the Internet in the future. Maxwell seems keen on this approach.

      Whether you think it is appropriate for the UK government to delegate the primary identification of its citizens to the private sector is a matter of your conscience.

      Anon, because I've had something to do with this. (And I've met Maxwell...)

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. Anonymous Coward

    ID cards

    <- the zombie policy that won't die...

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