back to article Hacking bazaar ExploitHub gets hacked, database leaked

Online boutique ExploitHub, which sells code to attack software security holes, has been plundered by hackers. A database snaffled from the marketplace was dumped online as proof of the raid. ExploitHub admitted a breach of its systems occurred, but said any information lifted was limited to a discussion board about its wares …


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  1. edge_e

    icon says it all

  2. Adze

    Quis accido ipsos accidiens? It's probably wrong, but I never learned Latin

  3. Anonymous IV


    And to that I say "Ita, esto - quidcumque".

    (Perhaps "Yeah, right - whatever...")

  4. Ben Tasker Silver badge

    Although mentioned briefly, I think the big question is this:

    If you were running a web-shop of security exploits (which can reasonably be assumed to attract those interested in exploiting vulnerable apps) why in the name of satans teeth would you base it on Magento???

    1. Peter Murphy


      Any product that needs to run with 777 permissions... see the icon.

  5. TrixyB

    Hackers hacking the hackers?

    Whatever next?!

    1. Syx

      Re: Hackers hacking the hackers?

      Trolls trolling trolls?

  6. Bobthe2nd
    Thumb Up


    Not heard that word for ages... nice :)

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Ha ha ha ha haaaa

    Oh the news in years.....

  8. FSM

    So they may as well have copied and pasted the details from the website. I would laugh but I'm on a train.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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