back to article Troubled OCZ brings forth consumer SSDs with Vector

SSD supplier OCZ, hard hit by an erring CEO and now under new management, has launched its first consumer SSD using in-house controller technology, the Vector. OCZ's roller coaster ride story from start-up glory to sick ward candidate can be found here. New CEO Ralph Schmitt announced the product but it was mostly developed …


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  1. Filippo


    I hope it works. I bought a Vertex 2 and I've had a lot of problems; from what I learned, early Sandforce controllers were crap. When I sent in under warranty, the only solution they managed was... sending me a Vertex 3. Yay, but next time they'd better get it right straight away.

    1. Lee Dowling Silver badge

      Re: reliability




      The bottom one's been a solved problem for many years with SSD's now. Just waiting for the other two to catch up. Not entirely sure of the wisdom of getting yet-another-controller with little testing and real-world use put in front of my data, but that's at least a problem that can be solved quite simply but just *not* relying on it.

      Kind of a block to desktop use, though, as is the capacity in my opinion (others disagree, but I'd rather have a drive that wasn't quite so fast, had an older, more reliable controller - at least one where the bugs are known - and had twice the capacity advertised (1Tb is about the minimum now for drives intended for storage) than just about ANYTHING else in the world of IT equipment). Sure I can RAID or install multiple drives for networks and servers, but that's not where SSD's will actually have the most impact, or make the most difference to my life. Whereas a 1Tb SSD with the write speed and reliability of a 5-year-old SSD controller would be worth what they are asking for the 512Gb model.

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